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Forklift & Safety Training Provided In Edmonton

With one of the largest selections of workplace safety and operator training courses, Leavitt Machinery prides itself on providing customers with the right solution for any application. Specializing in forklifts and aerial equipment, such as boom lifts and scissor lifts, Leavitt Machinery is dedicated to providing industry leading safety training solutions.

Our Edmonton forklift training facility offers a full range of operator training classes regularly scheduled throughout the year. Our programs are designed to cater to adult learners and our experienced trainers utilize both multimedia and visual presentations as well as interactive discussions to deliver our curriculum.

Training is reinforced through workbooks, supplementary hand outs and a practical component. We understand that not everyone learns at the same pace, which is why we offer additional practice time for new users and novice drivers.

Open enrollment Courses Available in Edmonton

Boom Lift Training
This aerial work platform training program focuses on boom lifts and other elevated work platforms. Covering boom lift fundamentals, hazard identification and safety protocols, this comprehensive training course ensures operators can safely operate, inspect and perform preventative maintenance on your boom lifts.

Scissor Lift Training
Our open enrollment scissor lift training program focuses on the specific elements of this type of elevated work platform and covers the fundamentals of health and safety, preventative maintenance and safe operation, job safety analysis and hazard identification.

Counterbalanced Forklift Training
Covering the fundamentals of forklift safety and operation, this counterbalanced forklift training covers vertical mast, sit-down forklifts. Operators will leave with a solid understanding of safe load handling techniques and pre-operational inspections for electric, gas, diesel, and LP powered forklifts.

Telehandler Training
This operator training course ensures operators understand the fundamentals of variable reach forklifts, telehandlers and zoom booms. From job safety analysis and safe operation to the principles of balance and safety, our trainers work with operators to ensure they can safely operate and inspect your equipment.

Skid Steer Training
This skid steer training program covers the safety regulations and standards for the construction industry. Instructors at our Edmonton forklift training facility will cover the fundamentals of skid steer loaders, pre-operational inspections, and the safe installation and removal of attachments.

Fall Protection Training
Designed for the commercial end user, this course was developed by the Fall Protection Group. Covering fall accident statistics, the dynamics of falling, fall protection systems and suspension trauma, this course ensures operators understand the methods of proper planning.

In-House Instructor Training
Working in tandem with our operator training, our in-house training enables you to have a dedicated equipment trainer at your facility. Covering training approach and methodology, requirements and due diligence, OH & S guidelines and regulations. Trainers can also purchase training materials from us to distribute when training.

Whether you are looking for specialized crane training for your facility or looking for a neutral third party assessment of the safety protocols at your facility, we can help. Our team of operator trainers and safety professionals will work with you to ensure your company meets the applicable regulatory legislation.

Our trainers will work with your team to:

  • Develop a training program that is customized to meet the unique needs of your specific application and facility.
  • Schedule training at a time that fits your needs. Whether you are running day shifts, night shifts, or graveyard shifts, we can work to meet your training needs.
  • Develop focused training specific to your equipment, attachment and workers.
  • Assess and reinforce key learning objectives and job safety analysis specific to your facility and application.

Our account managers will:

  • Work with you to understand your training needs.
  • Coordinate all aspects of training for your team.
  • Maintain copies of all course records and send reminders when re-certification is needed.

Our safety consultants can:

  • Work with key stake holders to assess and identify desired organizational processes.
  • Assess your companies level of compliance with applicable regulatory legislation.
  • Analyze existing safety protocols and make recommendations.
  • Work with your team to develop safety and equipment programs that are tailor fit to meet your applications needs.

At Leavitt Machinery, we understand that operator and workplace safety training is an exercise in continual learning and development. We strive to provide industry leading and cutting edge learning opportunities for customers across Canada and the US.

With hundreds of online training courses for customers in both Canada and the United States, we are able to provide flexible training solutions designed for adult learners. Whether you are looking to learn about developing a joint health and safety committee, looking for safety videos to use in presentations, or looking for lockout/tagout training, Leavitt Machinery has you covered.

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Leavitt Machinery is now offering a blended learning alternative to sit down counterbalanced forklift, aerial platform, and telehandler training. Designed to meet the needs of your busy schedule we can now offer online theory training combined with the necessary practical classroom experience that is required by law.

Blended Training for Operators

We now offer learning options such as blended counterbalanced forklift training, blended MEWP training, and blended telehandler operator training. These courses meet the necessary regulatory requirements and operators are certified and ready to work upon completion of the practical assessment.

Blended Learning Options for Instructors

For busy trainers, we offer blended MEWP instructor training, blended telehandler instructor training, and blended forklift instructor training. Contact us for more information on this program please contact us.