Buy Taylor ForkliftsTaylor Machine Works is a family owned and family run business that has always prided themselves on quality and creativity. Founded in 1927 Taylor began with a simple design concept that is still prevalent in their products today, offering the best in product support, performance, safety and efficiency. Taylor Forklifts have proven to be the lowest cost per hour operating forklift in its class while also remaining the highest in market resale values. Focusing on high capacity models, Taylor offers products capable of lifting 16,000 lbs all the way up to 106,000 lbs in the unique telescopic design of container handlers for use in inter-modal yards.

Taylor X-Series Forklifts For Sale

Taylor has just introduced a new series of forklifts featuring with Tier 4 Final engines. The Taylor X-Series has all the same features you know and love and features EcoFit ultra-low emissions systems, the Taylor Integrated Control System, and enhanced safety features.

Check out the new X-Series in action.

THC Series | Taylor ForkliftsTHC Series Cushion Tire Forklift

Primarily designed for smooth surfaces, the THC Series forklift is perfect in a factory or warehouse environment. Consisting of four models this series has capacities ranging from 25,000 lbs to 50,000 lbs with load centers of either 24" or 30".

Offered with either a 92" or 110" wheel base, this easily maneuverable cushion tire forklifts comes with a 48" coil ram, with an optional 60" coil when requested.

XC Series | Taylor ForkliftsXC Series Cushion Tire Forklifts

The XC Series Taylor Forklift is unlike any cushion tire forklift on the market. Designed with a "hang on" counterweight with a quick one bolt removal, allowing for quick and easy serviceability.

The XC Series also provides exceptional operator ergonomics with a vinyl covered, air suspension seat that rotates 16° left and 24° right, arm rests, tilt steering and a full function integrated joystick control.

TX Series | Taylor ForkliftsTX Series Pneumatic Forklifts

The TX Series pneumatic forklifts offer standard features such as increased leg and head room, tilt steering, shock mounted center mounted operator station, fingertip electric joystick controls and CANbus technology.

Available in capacities ranging from 16,000 lbs to 36,000 lbs at 24" load centers, the TX Series offers five different wheel base options. Manufactured with the Tier Certified Cummins® electronic turbocharged diesel engine each TX series Taylor forklifts offer improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.

TXi Series | Taylor ForkliftsTXi Series Pneumatic Forklifts

The next generation of TX Series Taylor forklifts is the TXi Series. Still offering the same reliability you expect from Taylor, the TXi offers even lower emissions than it's counterparts. Making this the choice of companies looking to maintain an environmentally conscious workplace.

Available with two load centers and various capacities the TXi Series has capacities ranging from 40,000 lbs to 70,000 lbs. All TXi models feature an ULTRA-VU telescopic, nested-channel mast with two nested, hidden multiple leaf chains.

TXH Series | Taylor ForkliftsTXH Series Heavy Duty Forklifts

The most durable and reliable forklifts in the industry the TXH Series Taylor Forklifts are available with a wide array of options and attachments. Designed with the operator in mind they offer the same features as the TX Series and are available in 30,000 lbs to 40,000 lbs capacities at a 48" load center.

All units in this series, except the TXH-400L use the Tier Certified Cummins® QSB6.7 -C160 electronic turbocharged, 6 cylinder diesel engine. While the TXH-400L uses a Tier Certified Cummins® QSB6.7-C190 electronic turbocharged, 6 cylinder diesel engine.

T Series | Taylor ForkliftsT Series Large Capacity Forklifts

The largest pneumatic forklifts currently being produced at Taylor, the T Series offer forklifts with capacities up to 120,000 lbs at a 48" load center. Designed to manage massive loads of steel and concrete these machines are designed to handle your heaviest loads.

The T Series of Taylor forklifts offer you the best in improved fuel economy and reduced emissions for heavy duty forklifts. With standard features include a Tier Compliant Cummins® electronic turbocharged diesel engine, three-speed, fully reversing power-shift transmission with declutch and electric shift control. The T Series offers you the best in improved fuel economy and reduced emissions for heavy duty forklifts.

TX4 Series | Taylor ForkliftsTX4 Series Articulated 4WD Forklifts

Specifically designed to move material in the harshest environments imaginable, the TX4 delivers exceptional performance. Unlike other articulated forklifts, this is not a front loader chassis with a fork attachment, the TX4 Series is a line of articulated material handlers which consistently out perform front-end loaders and forklifts. 

Available in three capacities ranging from 18,000 lbs to 36,000 lbs each of the TX4 models has a 24" load center and a 132" wheel base. Each unit is fully equipped with 4 wheel drive, CANbus technology, 6 cylinder diesel engine, and a modulated powershift transmission.

TXB Series | Taylor ForkliftsTXB & XB Series Industrial Forklifts

The most durable and powerful rough terrain forklift, the TXB & XB Series forklifts are the most maneuverable high-capacity forklifts available to the wood products industry. Taylor Machine Works is the only USA manufacturer who designs and builds rough terrain forklifts with capacities from 18,000 lbs to 36,000 lbs capacities.

The TXB & XB Series are designed to lower your total operating costs, increase performance, and provide an ease of serviceability. Complete with CANbus technology, Tier Cummins® electronic turbocharged diesel engine, and a modulated powershift transmission the TXB & XB Series improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.

TXEC Series | Taylor ForkliftsXEC Series Empty Container Handlers

Since 1976 Taylor Machine Works has designed and built empty container handlers. Their experience in the industry is reflected in the equipment they produce. The XEC Series is one of the most productive and dependable container handlers in the industry.

Available in 15,000 lbs to 20,000 lbs capacities with 42ft to 63ft max lift heights, the XEC series models are designed to stack between 5 to 8 containers high. Each unit comes with empty side post container attachments with two ISO rear twistlocks and have a 20" or 24" side shift.

TXLC Series | Taylor ForkliftsXLC Series Loaded Container Handlers

Answering the call for more a more stable platform, the XLC Series loaded container handlers anchor the tilt cylinders to the counter-weight. Each model in this line features improved hydraulics and the Taylor Integrated Control system which monitors and diagnoses vital system components.

With Rated capacities of 75,000 lbs to 90,000 lbs, these loaded container handlers have tiered capacity ratings enabling you to stack between 5 to 6 containers high. These four-speed, fully reversing Cummins® diesel engine machines come complete with CANbus technology and are designed to meet new emission standards.

TS Series | Taylor ForkliftsXRS Series Reach Stackers

Setting a new standard in the reach stacker container handling industry, the XRS Series provides the most durable, comfortable, and user friendly trucks in the industry. Built on all welded, high-strength steel frames, each model features hinged doors and easy access covers to provide quick access for service providers.

With tiered capacity these machines have capacities that range up to 100,000 lbs and the ability to stack up to 5 high or up to 9.5 ft loaded. Available with one or three hook attachments you can customize your reach stacker to accommodate your specific application.

TXLS Series | Taylor ForkliftsTXLS Series Log Stackers

Used extensively throughout North America, TXLS log stackers are known for their rugged dependability. Each model in this series has the ability to handle a full log load in a single pass, ensuring you increase productivity on your job site.

All models are built on an all welded, high-strength steel chassis and frame and are available in capacities ranging up to 100,000 lbs. While the ergonomically designed operator station is mounted in an offset position to provide better visibility and operator comfort.

PTX Series | Taylor ForkliftsPTX Platform Trucks

Specifically designed to transport heavy loads that don't require lifting, the PTX-550 platform truck is capable of handling up to 55,000 lbs. With a 121" direct lift platform, the PTX-550 has heavy links that guide and maintain control of the deck and the load at all times.

TTX Series | Taylor ForkliftsTTX Series Tow Tractors

Although Taylor Machine Works is known across the board for producing forklifts and materials handling equipment, they also manufacture specialty products like the TTX Series tow tractor.

Built to meet the same quality and durability standards as their forklifts, the TT-300 features an all welded, steel frame, integral counterweight that can tow up to 30,000 lbs, and a Tier Compliant Cummins® 6 cylinder diesel engine.

T550 RORO Series | Taylor ForkliftsT-550RR RORO Forklifts

Specifically designed for RORO (Roll On/Roll Off) ships, the T-550RR forklift has an overall height of only 112" and an overall width of 134". Perfect for operating in confined spaces, the T-550RR offers a 55,000 lbs capacity up to 9 ft, and a 50,000 lbs capacity from 9 ft to 12 ft.

TX RC Series | Taylor ForkliftsRemovable Counterweight Forklifts

Taylor forklifts provides two models specifically designed to aid in the loading and unloading of cargo vessels. With the counterweight removed, ship or dock side cranes can easily lower these models into the vessel holds.

The TX-550RC has a 144 " wheel base and is rated capacity of 55,000 lbs at a 36" load center and 48,000 lbs at 48". Further to this you can remove 31,000 lbs of counterweight making the forklift's swing weight 46,000 lbs enabling you to move it with a 25 tonne crane.

Built on a 225" wheel base, the TX-925RC has a rated capacity of 92,500 lbs at a 48" load center. You are able to remove the 40,000 lbs counterweight making the transportation weight 84,000 lbs. This unit also features an elevated center mount operator station. Ask your sales rep for more information.

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