Buy Taylor ForkliftsFounded in 1927, Taylor “Big Red” forklifts deliver some of the highest lift capacities in the industry. Their manufacturing process has created equipment that delivers increased uptime, low operating costs, and high resale values. Every forklift, container handler, and reach stacker complies with the highest safety and performance standards. This ensures that every piece of Taylor equipment is built to last, keeping operations productive for years to come.

In addition to their power and durability, Taylor forklifts and container handlers are known for their exceptional operator comfort. This can be seen through their all-weather cabins, ergonomic controls, and several advanced safety features including the “Vision Plus” system. Regardless of your operational requirements, Taylor can provide the perfect solution. Contact our team at Leavitt Machinery today for more information!

Types of Taylor Equipment

Available in pneumatic, cushion, and rough terrain configurations, Taylor offers a forklift for every type of operation. With capacities up to 125,000 lbs, no job is too difficult for a Taylor lift truck! Many models also feature the Taylor Integrated Control System (TICS). This high-tech system allows operators to adjust power output as needed for the task at hand and monitor vital systems. Additional features include all-weather ergonomic cabins, responsive controls, and excellent visibility.

Container Handlers
Taylor container handlers are built to handle the heavy loads and fast pace of the intermodal industry. Available in loaded and empty configurations, these units feature exceptional lift capacities, excellent visibility, and a best in class operator cabin. In addition to reliable performance, every Taylor container handler is designed with ease of service in mind. This optimizes productivity while reducing time spent on repairs and general maintenance.

Reach Stackers
With max capacities up to 90,000 lbs, Taylor reach stackers provide reliable performance for the most demanding intermodal applications. Built on an all-welded high-strength steel frame, each unit is built to last. A combination of rugged power, durability, and operator comfort makes Taylor reach stackers one of the most trusted brands in the world. A variety of attachments are also available, allowing you to customize your stacker based on the task at hand.

Log Stackers
Used throughout North America, Taylor’s XLS log stackers are known for their reliability. With the ability to handle a full load of logs in a single pass, these powerful units instantly increase productivity on your job site. With lift capacities up to 100,000 lbs, comfortable ergonomic cabins, and excellent visibility, no job is too difficult for Taylor’s XLS log stackers. Reach out to us today to order Taylor equipment

Discover the Benefits of Taylor Equipment

Intelligent Power
Nearly every forklift, container handler, reach stacker, and log stacker in Taylor’s equipment lineup is equipped with TICS (Taylor Integrated Control System). This system allows the operator to adjust the power output of their equipment based on the current job. This ensures more efficient operation, reducing fuel consumption and strain on the machine. TICS can also be used for machine diagnostics and monitor key functions. This can expedite maintenance and repairs, allowing you to get back to work in less time.

Exceptional Operator Comfort
Taylor understands that a comfortable operator is a productive operator. That’s why an ergonomic cabin, responsive controls, and excellent visibility are part of every piece of Taylor equipment. Every unit is also designed to reduce noise and vibration, reducing strain on the operator throughout the day. Most units are also equipped with light systems, a high-visibility cabin, and large side/rearview mirrors. This ensures that the operator can easily see their surroundings and the load they’re lifting, allowing for confident, safe operation.

Lowest Cost of Ownership
Taylor lift trucks and stackers provide the lowest cost of ownership over time. This is due to their intelligent technology that reduces strain on core components and fuel consumption. As a result, Taylor equipment can perform more work between service intervals. When it does come time for service, Taylor genuine parts are readily available. Each lift truck and stacker is also designed for ease of maintenance, ensuring that downtime is kept to a minimum. These factors combine to provide exceptional quality at a lower cost of ownership. Not sure what you need? Contact our team today for assistance!

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