Globally, approximately 95% of all manufactured goods are transported via intermodal transportation at some point, according to the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA). As one of the fastest growing sectors in the transportation industry, intermodal transportation is expected to continue to increase.

Leavitt Machinery is proud to be a supplier of high performance intermodal equipment from industry leading manufacturers such as TICO, Taylor, Carer and Hyundai. Whether you are looking for a container handler, a high capacity forklift or a terminal tractor, we have the equipment you need to move your product quickly and efficiently.

Intermodal Equipment We offer

Container Handlers

Taylor Reach StackersTaylor Container Handlers and Reach Stackers:
Taylor has developed a complete line of empty and loaded container handlers as well as reach stackers. They have empty container handlers options designed to stack between five to eight containers high, and 3 speed loaded container handlers that stack between two to six containers high. As well as customizable reach stackers that with capacities up to 100,000 lbs. 

Konecranes Container HandlersKonecranes Reach Stackers and Container Handlers:
Konecranes is committed to developing products that are clear, intelligent and user-friendly. They recently launched the world’s first hybrid reach stacker. Konecranes offers reach stackers that stack from 3 to 6 containers high. Empty container handlers are designed to lift as high as 8 containers high and loaded container handlers can lift up to 5.

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High Capacity Forklifts

Carer Intermodal ForkliftsCarer Electric Forklifts:
Carer electric forklifts offers a variety of high capacity forklifts designed to easily maneuver inside shipping containers. Fully customizable, these electric forklifts enable operators to move items easily in, out and inside containers without having to worry about the dangers of emissions or noise pollution. 

Taylor ForkliftsTaylor Forklifts:
Taylor Machine Works is known for their quality and creativity and their forklifts are designed to increased productivity with a safety-first approach. With forklifts ranging in capacity from 16,000 lbs. to 125,000 lbs., Taylor forklifts can handle the demands of your intermodal application.

Hyundai ForkliftsHyundai Forklifts:

Built with the same steel used in ship building, Hyundai forklifts are built to endure the toughest applications. Hyundai's 160D and 250D high capacity forklifts are designed to easily maneuver containers on all types of terrain. These diesel powered trucks have exceptional visibility and provide faster acceleration than ever before.

Konecranes Forklift Konecranes Forklifts:

Konecranes forklifts are made with four welded steel plates and feature double torsional stiffness and higher strength, resulting in fewer stresses and strains and higher lifting capacity at high lift heights. Konecranes offers a series of forklifts with capacities ranging from 22,000 lbs. to 143,300 lbs.

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Terminal Tractors

Tico Terminal TractorsTICO ProSpotters:
These high performance terminal tractors are known for their low life-cycle costs and applications or driver specific customization. Available in on and off road models, TICO ProSpotters are versatile and can be adapted to fit any facilities needs.

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Boom Lifts

JLG Boom LiftsJLG Boom Lifts:
JLG Industries offers a wide range of articulated boom lifts that help your employees reach hard to access areas. The 600AJ and 800AJ articulated boom lift series features the best reach in it's class and an optional articulating jib. These boom lifts come standard with fuel-efficient Tier 4 engines and a wide range of optional features such as cold weather or lighting packages.

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Services offered to Intermodal Customers

Intermodal Fleet ManagementFleet Track:
Our comprehensive fleet management system allows you to view the details of there entire fleet on our online portal. Giving you the ability to view each machine or all machines at a specific location. WE provide you with detailed maintenance data, service history, and we track the cost per hour of each machine to help assess asset utilization. This helps us to ensure you get maximum productivity while minimizing over hour costs.

Intermodal Safety ConsultationsSafety Consultations:
We strive to be leaders in work place safety and offer customers safety consultations on their equipment, training, and facilities. We work with key stakeholders as a neutral third party and conduct a comprehensive safety management site audit. Our team analyzes your existing safety protocols and procedures to asses your current level of compliance. Contact us to learn more about Safety Consultations.

Intermodal Equipment ServiceTotal Maintenance and Planned Maintenance Program:
Our service department works to provide you with hassle free service programs that ensure your equipment is running a peak efficiency at all times. Through our Planned Maintenance Program we ensure that all your equipment is serviced regularly to protect against unscheduled down time. While our Total Maintenance Program is an all encompassing maintenance program that offers no surprise 'out of pocket' expenses and saves you money.

Intermodal Equipment Parts24/7 Parts Support:
Leavitt Machinery works to provide customers with comprehensive after purchase support. Our dedicated parts professionals are on hand day and night to ensure that you can get the parts you  need, when you need them the most. Whether you are looking for a replacement part for a container handler or an attachment for your forklift, we have the expertise needed to answer your questions and source even the hardest to find parts.

Training for Intermodal Equipment Operators

Intermodal Equipment TrainingOpen Enrollment Courses:
Leavitt Training has been providing industry leading mobile equipment training for over 15 years. We provide a variety of open enrollment courses at facilities across BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Oregon and Washington State.

Forklift | Aerial Equipment | Fall Protection | Telehandler/Zoom Boom | Skid Steer

Intermodal Private TrainingPrivate Training Courses:
Our private on-site training options enable you to schedule training at a time that works best for your business. We will provide customized training designed to meet the needs of your facility and your equipment. Whether you are running day shifts, night shifts, graveyards or morning and afternoon shifts our team will work with you to customize a training solution for your business.

Crane Safety | Earth Moving Equipment | Warehouse Equipment

Intermodal Blended LearningBlended Learning:
We understand that time is your most valuable commodity, which is why we introduced a new blended learning platform for forklift, telehandler, and aerial equipment operators and trainers. Now you are able to take online theory training through our online training portal and then book your practical assessment at a time and at the Leavitt location that works best for you.

Forklift Blended Learning | Aerial Equipment Blended Learning | Telehandler Blended Learning

Online TrainingOnline Training:
Leavitt Training now offers over 100 online training courses covering defensive driving to hazard communication skills. Individuals can sign up to take courses online or companies can speak with our team to learn how to purchase multiple courses for employees. When you sign up for 2 or more online courses by calling into our training department we will give you 10% off any open enrollment training course.

Crane Safety Training

Online Overhead Crane Awareness Online Basic Rigger Online Rigging & Slinging Safety Online Rough Terrain Crane Safety
Overhead Crane Awareness Basic Rigging Safety Rigging & Slinging Safety Rough Terrain Cranes

Driver Safety Training

Online Pre Trip Inspection Training Online Backing Safety Online Cargo Securement Course Online Commercial Driver Training
Daily Trip Inspection Backing Tractor Trailers Cargo Securement Flatbed Commercial Driving Training

Equipment Safety Training

Online Forklift Training Online Hydraulic Safety Training Online Propane Handling Training Online Lockout Tagout Course
Counterbalanced Forklift Training Hydraulic Safety Propane & Cylinder Handling Lock Out Tag Out

Worker Safety Training

Online PPE Training Online Emergency Procedures Course Workplace Violence Prevention Online Fire Prevention Training
PPE: Personal Protective Equipment Emergency Procedures  Workplace Violence Prevention Fire Prevention & Response

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