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Mobile Elevating Work Platform Rentals
Aerial Work Platform Rentals

Looking to bulk up your fleet with mobile elevating work platform rentals or aerial work platform rentals? We’re proud to offer a full line up of MWEP rentals and AWP rentals. Our rental fleet offers a wide selection of AWP rentals from brands like Manitou, Genie, and JLG. Regardless of if you’re working in construction, forestry, warehousing, or another application, you can be sure we have the perfect MEWP rental for you and your operation. Not sure which aerial work platform rentals are right for you? Reach out to our team of rental experts today and we’ll help determine the perfect solution for your job site!


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Not Sure What MEWP Rental is Right for You?

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Why Choose Leavitt Machinery for your MEWP Rentals and AWP Rentals?

Modern Solutions to Modern Problems
Did you know our lineup of MEWP rentals and AWP rentals are some of the youngest in the industry? With modern equipment for every application, our fleet is sure to provide you with all the up-to-date safety and performance features! This ensures your operators have the equipment they need to get the job done right.

Leading Value
All of our mobile elevating work platform rentals and aerial work platform rentals are available at a fixed monthly cost that can be written off as an operating expense. This ensures the cost of your equipment is easy to track and eliminates operating cost fluctuations. By writing off the monthly fee as an operating expense, you’ll be able to maximize the value of your equipment without sacrificing quality. Did you know you can adjust your rental plan depending on your operational needs? This ensures you always have the right piece or pieces of equipment out on the job! To learn more about our rental pricing and options, reach out to our team today!

Operations for Every Application
We offer AWP rentals and MEWP rentals for every application. Regardless of if you’re working in construction, forestry, or warehousing, we have the perfect work platform in our rental fleet for you! Our team will work hard to learn more about your needs, operating environment, and typical site challenges to ensure we’re able to deliver rental equipment that gets the job done right. To learn more about how our tailored rental recommendations can help optimize performance, increased safety, and maximize value, contact our team today!