Our Community Commitments

Harvest For HumanityThrough our charity Harvest for Humanity, Leavitt Machinery has helped to establish several self sustaining, income generating, and educational projects in developing or economically struggling countries. Our goal is to empower struggling communities and families by giving them the resources they need to break the cycle of poverty.

Harvest for Humanity has created these amazing programs:

  • A school lunch program designed to boost attendance and provide children with the nutrition they need.
  • English classes taught by Leavitt employees, their families, and other dedicated volunteers.
  • Funding for scholarships for gifted students looking for secondary education.
  • Created agricultural initiatives in Haiti and the Philippines to provide both jobs and much needed fresh produce and food.

We have also renovated and furnished an orphanage in Port Au Prince that is home to 21 children and where we teach them life skills with the ultimate goal of placing them in loving homes.

Leavitt Machinery Also Proudly Supports These Amazing Organizations: