Jungheinrich Pallet Jacks and Walkie Stackers

Jungheinrich ForkliftsTrusted by warehouses around the world, Jungheinrich pallet jacks and walkie stackers provide complete pallet handling solutions. For more than 60 years, Jungheinrich has developed reliable, easy to use, and comfortable warehousing equipment. With more than 40 unique products, they can provide effective and safe solutions for any warehouse.

Whether you’re looking for a compact electric pallet jack, a powerful walkie stacker, or a versatile electric forklift, Jungheinrich can help. Every piece of equipment in their lineup is designed to run longer and lift more, helping to keep your operation running smoothly. Contact Leavitt Machinery today for more information on our selection of Jungheinrich equipment.

Types of Jungheinrich Equipment

Pallet Jacks
With a variety of walk-behind and ride-on models, Jungheinrich electric pallet jacks are ideal for warehousing and production. These units feature extended run times, exceptional safety features, and ergonomic, responsive controls. This ensures that operators remain comfortable, productive, and safe through their entire shift.

Walkie Stackers
Jungheinrich electric walkie stackers are ideal for narrow aisles, tight corners, and high shelves. With walk-behind, stand-on, and automated configurations, there’s a walkie stacker for every type of warehouse. Regardless of the configuration, you can be sure that your Jungheinrich walkie stacker will deliver longer run times, fast lifting speed, and reliable performance.

Order Pickers
For the most accurate and productive order picking, look no further than Jungheinrich’s line of order pickers. Their high-capacity batteries allow some models to offer a “2 shifts, 1 charge” guarantee. This allows you to get more done between charging sessions, optimizing productivity. With options for small parts, low-level, and medium to high-level picking, these units can be adapted to a wide variety of warehouse applications.

When you’re in need of a versatile and reliable compact forklift, Jungheinrich’s line of electric lift trucks offer an ideal solution. A tight turning radius, easy maintenance, and 7th gen motor technology have set these forklifts above industry standards. Certain models also offer a “2 shifts, 1 charge” guarantee, optimizing productivity while keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.


Automated Guided Vehicles
Jungheinrich AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) are the ideal choice for today’s logistic challenges. By automating order picking and product management, operations are able to reallocate personnel to different areas of production. This saves time and money without cutting down on quality control, optimizing your production pace. Contact our equipment experts today to learn more about our selection of Jungheinrich AGV solutions!

Why Choose Jungheinrich?

Industry-Leading Warehouse Equipment
With more than 60 years of experience, Jungheinrich understands the various needs of warehouses and production facilities. This knowledge goes into the design of every pallet truck, walkie stacker, order picker, and forklift. The result is a line of equipment that delivers reliable performance, exceptional operator comfort, and industry-leading run times.

Extended Run Times
Jungheinrich knows that you rely on your equipment to put in long hours every day. That’s why many of their models come with a “2 shifts, 1 charge” guarantee. This innovative feature greatly enhances productivity by drastically reducing the frequency of charging. The result is a line of equipment that can keep up with, and potentially increase, the speed of your operation.

Built for Operators
In addition to moving pallets, Jungheinrich equipment is designed to reduce strain on operators. That’s why every unit is equipped with ergonomic controls, comfortable cabins, and leading safety technology. This ensures that operators remain productive and safe even in fast-paced or crowded work environments.

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