Electric Lift Trucks | Jungheinrich

Jungheinrich Forklifts feature a complete line of Electric Lift Trucks known for their state of the art and technologically superior design. With Jungheinrich's proprietary AC and CAN Bus technology, and the quality and ergonomics you would expect from a German company, Jungheinrich Forklifts mean you get maximum productivity and the lowest total cost of ownership.

With Jungheinrich you will find the right pallet truck, electric, diesel or LPG forklift, reach truck, order picker or turret truck for your application, regardless of the lift height, flooring or transport distance. With over 600 versions of Jungheinrich Forklifts there will always be the right truck for your application.

Due to their fully enclosed motors and electronic systems, Jungheinrich electric lift trucks are tailor-made for indoor and outdoor use. Jungheinrich Forklifts are one of only two truly indoor/ outdoor electric lift trucks in the industry. The front and rear-wheel drive trucks offer maximum performance thanks to individually adjustable drive programs and advanced stability measures. The ergonomics of the Jungheinrich Forklifts are industry leading, and operator comfort is sure to maximize productivity. With capacities from 2000 lbs to 12000 lbs, in both 3-wheel and 4-wheel configurations, Jungheinrich electric lift trucks are built with versatility in mind.

Jungheinrich Forklifts also offers a walkie stacker, customized for various lift heights and storage/stacking operations. These electric lift trucks have lift heights up to 210 inches and their load capacities range from 2200 to 3500 lbs. Sensitive lifting and lowering due to proportional hydraulics and advanced ergonomics for operator comfort are key highlights of the Jungheinrich walkie stacker. This walkie stacker offers you customized solutions for any transport distance and lifting height, featuring pedestrian trucks for short distances, combined pedestrian/ stand-on equipment for medium-range operations, and stand-on/seat trucks for longer distances.

Jungheinrich Reach Trucks:

Boasting a compact chassis for the narrowest aisle widths, Jungheinrich Range 1 and 2 reach trucks ensure maximum productivity with low energy consumption. Jungheinrich Range 3 trucks have lift heights up to 473 inches and their Range C reach trucks offer exceptional power for indoor/outdoor operation. Range Q offers multi-directional electric lift trucks and can transport long loads to high lift heights. With the Jungheinrich reach truck, we can help you find the best solution for any lifting height.

Jungheinrich Order Pickers:

Both economical and productive, the Jungheinrich Forklifts offer a line of Order Pickers designed to lower your overall cost of operation and maximizing your total picks per hour. The EKS 110 and 310, vertical order pickers with a capacity of 2200 lbs, offer high performance levels and precise handling. The EKX, EFX and ETX represent Jungheinrich's outstanding high-rack systems electric lift trucks with stacking heights up to 561 inches. The EKX "manup" turret truck is a shining example of easier operation and faster order picking/stacking; it allows the operator to drive-in and retrieve entire pallets as well as stack individual items in less time.

Jungheinrich Forklifts offer more than just standard electric lift trucks; their pallet truck is a cost-effective choice for dock and transport operations. Suitable for loading and unloading of trailers these electric pallet jacks offer excellent maneuverability within tight work areas. With capacities from 4500 to 8000 lbs, Jungheinrich pallet trucks are your warehouse workhorse. With the Jungheinrich electric pallet jack, you can rest assured that you will find the best solution for any transport distance, with pedestrian trucks for short distances, combined pedestrian/stand-on equipment for medium-range operations, and stand-on/seat trucks for longer distances.

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