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With over 80 years of experience in the material handling industry, CAT lift trucks are utilized in operations around the world. Their line of efficient and high-performance forklifts ensure that the job is completed safely and smoothly every time. Available in various diesel, LPG, and electric configurations, CAT offers tailored solutions for unique requirements.

Each forklift can also be customized with a variety of features, add-ons, and attachments. This further modifies each forklift to ensure that it fits perfectly into operation. Regardless of your industry or specific needs, CAT can provide a complete lift truck solution. Contact Leavitt Machinery today for more information on our selection of CAT forklifts!

Types of CAT Forklifts

LPG Forklifts
Reliable and versatile, CAT LPG forklifts combine the benefits of diesel and electric models. This makes them well-suited to a variety of indoor and outdoor tasks, providing quality performance for all your material handling needs. Each model can also be equipped with various features and options, allowing you to customize them to your exact requirements.

Electric Forklifts
CAT electric lift trucks are a clean and quiet means of transporting pallets and other materials. Advanced AC power, longer shift cycles, and simple maintenance are just some of the benefits offered by their electric lineup. These benefits combine to maximize uptime while keeping downtime to a minimum, allowing you to get more done.

Diesel Forklifts
Durable and powerful, CAT diesel forklifts are designed to endure demanding tasks in harsh outdoor conditions. Their diesel lineup features several models that can be customized with various options. This ensures that your forklift is a perfect fit for your operation. When you need to transport heavy loads over large distances, look no further than CAT’s diesel lift trucks. Reach out to our team today for more information!

Benefits of CAT Lift Trucks

Exceptional Reliability
CAT forklifts are built to endure the demands of your operation. When you choose CAT, you’re choosing a lift truck that you can rely on for years. Each LPG, diesel, and electric forklift is built with a sturdy chassis, easy to use controls, and excellent visibility. This ensures reliable and safe operation for all applications.

Leading Resale Value
If you’re looking for equipment that maintains its value over time, CAT forklifts are second to none. This is especially true in regard to the resale values for each of their machines. When it’s time to update your fleet or turn out older equipment, CAT lift trucks retain their value better any other brand on the market.

Massive Parts Inventory
Leavitt Machinery has access to thousands of high-demand CAT forklift parts. This allows us to remain well-stocked at all times, providing you with the parts you need as soon as possible. In addition to their exceptional availability, CAT replacement parts are built to adhere to the highest performance standards. This ensures a longer usable life. By getting quality parts to your operation quickly, you spend less time waiting for your order and more time on the job. Contact us to order a CAT Forklift!

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