Rental of a skid steer hauling gravel

Skid Steer Rentals

The first thing you need to get started on a project is the right tools. Whether it’s a large-scale commercial project or a short-term job we make sure to provide you with the right tools to get the job done. A popular way to get the right equipment for short-term use without any commitment and obligation in the long-term is to rent. Our rental fleet has modern machines with the latest technology and safety options.

Our skid steer and track loader models are efficient for a multitude of industries such as agriculture, construction, landscaping, and much more.

Rental of a skid steer hauling dirt

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Advantages of renting a skid steer

Renting the equipment needed for a job or project is the go-to decision for a lot of small and even larger companies. It is no wonder, as renting comes with a lot of attractive benefits.

  • Increased cash flow and lower upfront cost on the equipment as you only pay for the machine when you need it.
  • No maintenance costs if the rental skid steer breaks down in the middle of the project, it can be repaired or swapped out.
  • You never have to limit the opportunities for business based on your equipment type. If the requirements of the job site change, you can always switch to a newer or more suitable machine.
  • Enjoy the features of newer models and give your operators maximum comfort. They will love their job and do it more efficiently.
  • No added investment or expense on storing the machines when not in use.
  • You may be able to write off a portion of your skid loader rental as an expense.
  • Stay ahead in the game with access to the right model, size, and attachments for the machines you need.
  • Once the job is completed, the rental unit can be returned without any obligation.

Choosing the right Skid Steer Rental for your job

Skid Steers or Track Loaders are very versatile in terms of their adaptability to the tasks and the job site. With high maneuverability, compact design and operational comfort, these machines are widely used across numerous industries. With the right attachments, these machines can practically be used for more than just one purpose at any job site. However, there are some important factors to consider before choosing the right compact track loader for your job.

  • Consider your job site and the space you have for the machines to operate. Typically skid loaders do not need a lot of space to perform efficiently which is why it would be a good fit for job sites that have space limitations.
  • The terrain or surface of the job site is another important factor to keep in mind. Determining the surface, you are going to primarily operate on will determine whether you should get wheeled or track machine. Tires will provide enhanced maneuverability and a tighter turning radius. Whereas tracks are designed for more challenging terrains and slopes. Picking the right machine will help improve overall productivity at the job site.
  • Assess the load capacity and the load type the machine will be lifting at the job site. Having a machine too large to move through tight spaces may not be a good idea to boost productivity just like getting a mini skid steer to lift heavy loads on rough terrain would not be ideal. Consider the size and type of load to ensure you are getting the right compact loader for your job.

Choosing the right machine may not look as easy as it sounds which is why if ever in doubt, ask an expert! Our rental team can guide you through the different features of our skid steer loaders to ensure you are getting the right machine.

Why get your next Skid Steer rental from Leavitt Machinery

Renting your next skid steer or any other equipment from Leavitt Machinery has added advantages. We believe that our products and services are more than just the right tools to get your job done. Find value in our comprehensive solutions in more than one form.

  • Our rental fleet of more than 1,600 units comprises numerous makes and models to suit your specific application needs. Whatever your specific requirements may be, we have a rental unit for you!
  • An ongoing rental support team is available to you for any concerns regarding equipment performance and maintenance that you might have after renting the equipment.
  • Manage payments according to your budget and comfort with our flexible renting and payment options. Our rental options have made working with a safe, reliable, and newer piece of equipment a dream come true.

Contact one of our experts at Leavitt Machinery for more information on the renting process, the equipment available or any other questions you might have.