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Yard Spotter Repair and Maintenance

If you are in the intermodal industry, yard spotters are probably the most run machines at your job site. With so many clocked hours due to continuous operation, regular service and maintenance of yard spotters and terminal tractors is crucial. Having a yard spotter down on the yard can slow down day-to-day business activities impacting overall productivity. To avoid the stress of unexpected breakdowns and consequential delays, investing in regular maintenance and service is the way to go. Our yard spotter repair and maintenance programs are some of the best solutions on the market.

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Regular Maintenance for Yard Spotters

Regular Yard spotter (terminal tractor) maintenance must coincide with the manufacturer’s operator manual for the designated service milestones. Along with maintenance at regular intervals, a daily inspection checklist can also be beneficial to increase efficiency and promote safety at the workplace.

Daily Inspection Checklist

A pre-operation checklist before using the terminal tractor or any other piece of equipment is important to discover any risks that might be present during the operation. Refer to the operator manual for a detailed daily maintenance checklist for your specific yard spotter. Your daily checklist should include:

  • Check if all the windows and mirrors are clean and offer a proper view.
  • Make sure the wipers are working properly.
  • Check the steering wheel turns properly without extra effort.
  • Check the transmission shift lever for any binding.
  • Check the horn, accelerator, and braking systems.
  • Check all the fluid levels: engine oil, hydraulic fluid, coolant, diesel exhaust fluid.
  • Inspect the cables of the trailer: electric cables and air lines for any signs of damage.
  • Check all the lights for operation: headlights, turn signals, hazard lights, and brake lights.
  • Check the fuel tank.

Why is Maintenance Important for a Yard Spotter?

Regular maintenance is important to look out for warnings of a potential breakdown and consequent repairs. Yard spotter repairs resulting due to lack of regular maintenance can add unwanted expenses and delays in the project. but a lot of other reasons such as:

Workplace Safety
The most important aspect of ongoing maintenance is that it ensures the safety of operators and those around them. Using a Yard spotter that is well-maintained and cared for instills confidence in the workers and endorses productivity.

Reduced Costs of Repairs
If the yard spotter you run every day is well-maintained, inspected daily, and lubricated regularly, it will not only run smoothly but longer. Ignoring the equipment can result in small issues developing into damages that might need expensive repairs and cause longer downtime.

Improved Productivity
A regularly maintained and serviced yard spotter means a smooth operation and accomplished deadlines. Therefore, the key elements of improved productivity and growth in revenue are efficient equipment and satisfied operators.

Yard Spotter Maintenance with Leavitt Machinery

Experience yard spotter and terminal tractor maintenance like never before! Our maintenance programs are devised for all kinds of preventive and reactive maintenance needs. From complete yard spotter repair solutions including parts to overhauling, our service team can do it all. We know the stress of unexpected breakdowns in the middle of a busy day which is why we offer mobile service options for your equipment. With an efficient mobile service fleet, our service technicians can perform the required maintenance at your job site to keep your yard spotter up and running.