Carer Electric Forklifts

Carer Forklifts
Founded in 1976, Carer forklifts specializes in making counter balanced electric forklift trucks. A flexible and dynamic company that can offer optimal solutions for both standard and special handling applications. Carer's manufacturing philosophy is based on ensuring the highest level of specialization and efficiency during every stage of construction. Offering a range of counterbalanced electric forklift trucks with capacities up to 13,000 lbs. to 40,000 lbs on specially designed machines.

Carer A80x-A300x Series Studio Cut OutA80X-A300X Series

Enormous capacity ranging from 17,500lbs up to 60,000lbs at a 48-inch load center, excellent high lift height capacity retention, a 96-144-volt operating system for high-efficiency energy consumption and long operating time, high-performance dual drive motors, elevated seating position, large diameter super elastic tires, and all-weather cabin options. This series is a great fit for steel, lumber, and port terminal applications.

Carer Electric Forklift F16HF16H Electric Forklifts

Designed to offer a front-facing drive setting and maintain an extremely small turning radius required for handling material in narrow aisles, the F16 H is a truly unique alternative to a conventional reach truck. Ask about the unparalleled ignition, speed and maneuverability of this compact forklift.


F60-80HD Electric Forklifts

For applications needing a forklift designed to withstand long operating time at very high performance levels Carer Forklifts offers the F60-80 HD (Heavy Duty). A super steel axle, electronic differential and the compact design of this electric forklift provides maximum comfort for the drivers in a very compact high capacity retention machine.

Carer Electric Forklifts F60-80HF60-80H Electric Forklifts

Based on the Heavy Duty design, the F60-80H electric forklift is the ideal solution for handling heavy goods in all applications. The expert design combines the ability to lift heavy loads, ease of driving, operator comfort, and a compact and sturdy frame with adaptable performance levels for every application.

Carer Forklifts KF60-80HKF 60-65-70-80 H Electric Forklift

Designed to handle heavy loads inside the limited space of shipping containers and trailers, the KF60-80H Series has the features and design of the other Carer forklifts with the ability to manage heavy loads in small places. Complete with the option of adjusting the parameters of the electronic system with a highly advanced digital touch-screen display allows for customized settings for each application.

Carer Forklifts KF60-80HDKF 60-65-70-80 HD Electric Forklift

A super steer axle, an electronic differential, and a noticeably compact design offers maximum comfort while handing large loads in shipping containers. Fitted with two 20kW traction motors and a 45kW AC Hoist motor, this forklift truck can reach speeds of 18km/h in traction mode and 0.48 m/s in hoisting mode.

Carer Electric Forklift R45-60HR45-50-60 H Electric Forklifts

For indoor/outdoor applications, the R 45-50-60H electric forklifts withstand intensive and consistent use while maintaining the same high performance expected from Carer forklifts. To ensure maximum operator productivity throughout the whole work shift, we offer a series of options including mini levers integrated into the armrest, closed cabin on anti-vibration supports, a seat with low vibration levels, low-noise hydraulic pumps and motors.

Carer Electric Forklifts R120-160R120-160 Electric Lift Truck

For big jobs you need a big forklift, the R120-160 is the maximum expression of the force and power in the Carer forklift line. Fitted with a tilting cabin to ensure easy access to the battery, it allows for quick service and maintenance. For big loads and long operating hours, the R120-160 is the truck for you.

KR45-60H Carer Electric ForkliftsKR 45-50-60 H Electric Forklift

Specifically developed and designed for the handling of the goods inside shipping containers the KR 45-50-60 H electric forklift offers the best in load handling and operator comfort. Ask about customizable features such as mini levers integrated into the arm rest, enclosed cabin on anti-vibration supports, a seat with low vibration levels and low noise hydraulic pumps and motors.

Carer KR55H2 Electric Forklift Studio Cut OutKR55H2-Short

The 12,000lb KR55-SHORT is an excellent example of a specialty model designed from the factory’s SPED department. The KR55-SHORT is a leading solution for material handling within containers and railcars. With its smaller footprint, it can navigate in tight spaces while maintaining a high lift capacity. Put a clamp on it and easily load paper rolls and pulp bales into rail cars or shipping containers!

Carer Forklifts for saleK100-120 Electric Forklift

Extreme comfort with high performance levels and easy maneuverability with extremely heavy loads within the cramped confines of shipping containers. A set of cameras that ensure maximum visibility at the rear to assist with challenging handling maneuvers, with all the maximum comfort offered with every Carer forklift.

Carer Forklifts Z25HDZ25 Heavy Duty Electric Forklift

Known for it's low operating costs, long operating time, extremely high performance and excellent visibility the Z25HD comes with a compact frame, high traction and can maintain high residual capacities at great heights. Adaptable to any condition of use the Z25HD is safe and reliable in even the most heavy duty applications.

Carer Electric Forklifts Z60-80HZ60 - 80 H Electric Forklift

Designed to ensure high performance and low running costs during long operating time within narrow aisles, the extremely compact design and reduced steering radius makes the Z60-80H electric forklifts versatile and cost effective. Available for customization to meet any conditions and applications, they are safe and reliable in all heavy duty applications.

 Carer Electric Forklifts Z80-900HZ80/900 H - Z100 H Electric Forklift

The Z80/900 - Z100 H electric forklift offers improved ergonomics and operator comfort with a raised, wider and more spacious driver's seat. A tilting steering wheel column and damping system can be adjusted based on the height and weight of the operator. Coupled with exceptional visibility front and back thanks to the raised driving position, and electronic MOSFET control ensures maximum safety and silence. 

Carer Electric Forklift Z120HDZ100 - 120 Heavy Duty Electric Forklift

Developed at 120 voltage to provide maximum efficiency the Z100-120 HD is the ideal electric forklift for heavy applications where speed and maneuverability are key. Gentle and gradual acceleration offers increased stability and operating time. For applications requiring maximum efficiency, long operating time and reliability, the Z100-120 HD electric forklift may be the right choice for you.

Z150H Carer ForkliftsZ150 H Electric Forklift

For applications needing an extremely compact and sturdy forklift to handle heavy loads in closed and confined environment the Z150 H electric forklift is the ideal solution. Vulkollan tyres, an extremely low center of gravity ensure a capacity of 15,000 kg. Lateral extraction of the battery allows for quick and safe battery changes.

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