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Leavitt Machinery is your destination for forklifts! Also known as lift trucks or counterbalanced forklifts, these units are ideal for a variety of material handling applications. Whether you’re working in construction, forestry, mining, warehousing, or industrial operations, we can help you find the perfect forklift for your needs. We offer a wide selection of pneumatic, cushion, and rough-terrain models available in LPG, diesel, and electric configurations. Our inventory also features several specialty forklifts including side loaders and narrow-aisle options. This ensures that we can provide solutions for even the most complex material handling operations. Contact our team today for more information on our selection of lift trucks.

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Lift Trucks – Industries and Applications

Warehouses commonly utilize counterbalanced forklifts and other lift trucks to handle goods and load trucks. That’s why we offer a selection of industrial trucks that are ideal for warehousing applications. Whether you’re dealing with extremely narrow aisles, tall shelves, or heavy pallets, we can provide a tailored forklift solution. Our inventory features a selection of VNA forklifts, smaller electric models, and compact high-capacity units. This allows us to provide you with several options based on your unique needs, operating pace/schedule, and budget.

For industrial applications, you need equipment that can endure long hours and heavy loads without fail. That’s why we provide a selection of industrial trucks for processing, manufacturing, and other demanding applications. With solutions from leading brands like CAT, Carer, Hyundai, and BYD, our industrial trucks deliver reliable performance every time you need it. Whether you need a high lift-capacity unit, a compact model for tight spaces, or a specialized unit for unique materials, we can help. Our team will work with you to assess your needs and deliver a solution designed to optimize your productivity and safety.

Leavitt Machinery is proud to provide effective forklift truck solutions for all types of construction sites. Whether you’re primarily operating indoors or outside, we have a selection of LPG, diesel, and electric units that are perfect for your needs. Our construction forklifts are perfect for hauling building materials such as stone, lumber, or even metal. We also offer several rough-terrain options that can handle mud, gravel, and other difficult surfaces with ease. This allows you to haul heavy materials across any site in any type of environmental condition. Contact your nearest Leavitt Machinery location to learn more about our selection of industrial trucks for construction!

When it comes to hauling lumber, you need a high-capacity forklift truck that can match the demands of your site. That’s why we’re proud to offer a selection of high-capacity forklifts from industry-leading brands like Taylor, Konecranes, and Hyundai. Each of these industrial trucks are designed to handle extremely heavy loads, long run times, and harsh weather conditions. This ensures that you’re able to transport lumber and other long materials efficiently and safely. In addition to high-capacity forklifts, we offer a selection of attachments for branches, logs, and other raw lumber. As a result, you’ll always have the equipment you need to get the job done right.

Our new forklift inventory features a selection of units ideal for loading and unloading steel shipping containers. We also provide several high-capacity lift trucks that can transport containers across your site and load them onto flatbed trucks. With a selection of units from Carer, BYD, and Konecranes, we provide clean power that exceeds current emission standards. This helps you reduce your carbon footprint without cutting down on power and performance. Contact our team today to learn more about our intermodal forklift trucks!

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