Atlas Copco Generators, Compressors, and Light Towers

Atlas Copco LogoAtlas Copco is a global manufacturer of power generators, air compressors, and handheld equipment. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, they supply their wide range of products to over 180 countries. Originally founded in 1873, Atlas Copco brings nearly 150 years of experience to their equipment lineup. With a focus on innovation and solutions, their market-leading compressors, generators, and pumps are trusted on sites around the world. By listening to the needs of their customers, they continuously set new standards for quality and reliability. Browse their selection of air and power equipment below to see how they can support your operation. Not sure what you’re looking for? Contact our team at Leavitt Machinery today for assistance!

Types of Atlas Copco Equipment

Atlas Copco offers a full range of diesel and gasoline-powered generators for all job sites. Whether you’re looking for a mobile wheel-based unit, or a smaller portable unit that can be carried by hand, they can help. With options that offer up to 330 kVA of power, you’ll be able to confidently power your tools and other equipment. They also provide compact, quiet options for sensitive indoor environments and social events. Regardless of your needs, Atlas Copco offers a durable generator that delivers reliable performance every shift.

Compact, lightweight, and easy to use, Atlas Copco compressors are a great fit for any operation. Each unit can be customized to meet your specific requirements, allowing you to optimize energy usage and performance. Featuring the signature “HardHat” cover, every compressor is designed to endure harsh environments and prolonged usage. In addition to their line of diesel compressors, Atlas Copco also offers a full selection of electric compressors. These units produce zero emissions and feature drastically reduced noise, making them ideal for indoor environments.

Light Towers
The “HiLight” range of light towers offer a wide range of features and lighting power. This allows users from any operation to find the perfect fit for their lighting needs. Regardless of the unit chosen, you can be sure that it will provide reliable performance and durable build quality. Every unit features high-powered LED lights with an innovative lens design. This ensures maximum light coverage, allowing you to work safely well into the night.

Need to drain an area of water or transport fluids to another location? An Atlas Copco pump is the ideal solution. With a wide selection of compact, versatile, and durable water pumps, Atlas Copco can provide the perfect unit for any job site. Each unit in their lineup has been honed through more than 140 years of experience. The result of this is a series of easy to use, highly portable pumps that can transport large quantities of water quickly.

Handheld Power Tools
Atlas Copco offers a full line of breakers, hammers, drills, saws, and more. Whether you’re looking for air or electric-powered tools, they provide units that are ideal for operations of all sizes. Every tool is also equipped with vibration dampening technology, fewer moving parts, and easy-swap latches. This ensures a more comfortable and productive user experience throughout the day.

For more information on Atlas Copco and their line of equipment, contact our team at Leavitt Machinery. We’ll work with you to determine the perfect units for your job site based on your requirements and budget.

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