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Established in 1910, Konecranes has evolved and succeeded for over a century. With a strong acquisition record and a commitment to growth, they have become a world leading provider of intermodal lifting solutions. By producing machines with a “heart of technology,” Konecranes is able to offer customers a world of options and solutions. They offer support for many industries including container handling, manufacturing, mining, nuclear, automotive, petrochemical, power, pulp and paper, shipyards, steel, and waste to energy. Don't hesitate to reach out and ask for more information!

Leading the way in lift truck technology, Konecranes is committed to developing products that are powerful, intelligent, and user-friendly. Their industrial design philosophy is based on a three step process that is focused on developing products that are safe and responsive to better increase business flow and productivity.

In order to develop new technologies and cutting edge lift trucks, Konecranes concentrates on their customers and what they need in a lift truck. By studying how people interact with equipment and what their needs are, Konecranes has designed machinery with advanced safety features using state-of-the-art technology. Eco-efficiency and reducing their environmental footprint has been at the forefront of their latest designs, resulting in a hybrid reach stacker option in their lineup.

Why Consider a Konecranes Lift Truck?

Ergonomic Cab: Every Konecranes cab can be customized for your container handling operation. With extra room for operator comfort and storage, there is plenty of space to customize the cab to achieve optimal ergonomics. The standard cab includes a comfortable seat with air suspension, powerful cabin heating, air conditioning, and exceptional ventilation.

Remarkable Visibility: In addition to spacious comfort, every cab offers high visibility attained by the large windows with no corner posts. Konecranes has designed the cab specifically to ensure clear sight lines in the key working areas: in the front, to the sides and to the rear.

Operator Safety: Konecranes makes significant investments in technology in order to increase safety and efficiency. Operator safety is especially important, and every reach stacker comes standard with an Electronic Machine Control system (EMC Master). Additionally, each machine includes a “Near Guard” warning system, a tire pressure monitor, and a fire alarm and suppression system. Other optional safety features include a parking distance monitoring system, a breath analyzing system, and a forward or rear mounted camera system.

Emission-Compliant Diesel Engines: Konecranes ensures that all their reach stackers are fully compliant with emissions regulations, viewing their evolution as a normal part of their product development process. A wide range of powerful engines are offered with options including Volvo, Scania, and Cummins engines, certified up to Tier 4 Final.

Customization: Konecranes works with multiple industrial companies to create custom reach stackers fit for any application. Paired with a diverse line of attachments, these reach stackers are prepared for any job.

Konecranes Forklifts

Konecranes forklifts offer a series of forklift trucks with capacities ranging from 22,000 lbs to 145,000 lbs (10 to 65 tons). Featuring a durable box-type chassis, Konecranes forklifts are the strongest on the market. Built with four welded steel plates, every unit features double torsional stiffness and higher strength, resulting in fewer stresses and strains. This also enables higher lifting capacity at high lift heights and strong tilt features in both the chassis and mast. All Konecranes forklifts come standard with load-sensing hydraulics and intelligent Electronic Machine Control (EMC).

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Konecranes Forklift Attachments

Konecranes offers a wide variety of forklift attachments to suit any industry.

These attachments include:
  • Fork and carriage combinations
  • Fork and fork shaft systems
  • Lifting masts
  • Coil rams
  • Container spreaders with inverted forks and fork shafts
  • Multiple paper roll clamps (single or double)
  • Fork rotator carriage
  • Tire handler
  • Pipe and tube clamp and more.

A variety of fork extensions are also available, such as pantograph, lifting hook and lifting jib.

Empty Konecranes Container Handlers

Capacities for empty Konecranes container handlers range from 18,000 lbs to 22,000 lbs (8 to 10 tons). Equipped with load sense technology, these empty container handlers adapt the lifting power to the weight of the load. Due to the wide mast, empty Konecranes container handlers can lift up to 8 containers high.

Loaded Konecranes Container Handlers

Loaded Konecranes container handlers offer a fast total operating speed (lifting, lowering and driving speed) with best-in-class ratio of lifting capacity to truck size and length. These heavy-duty loaded container handlers are incredibly stable while remaining fairly compact. With capacities ranging from 67,000 lbs to 100,000 lbs (30-45 tons), loaded Konecranes container handlers lift up to 5 containers high.

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Konecranes Container Handler Attachments

Konecranes offers attachments for both empty and loaded container handlers.

Empty container handler attachments include:
  • a single stacking spreader
  • a double stacking spreader
Loaded container handler attachments include:
  • a gantry-type spreader
  • a double stacking spreader

Konecranes Reach Stackers

Konecranes offers a variety of different reach stackers. Every Konecranes reach stacker is specifically designed for container handling, intermodal handling, barge handling, and industrial handling. Capacities for Konecranes reach stackers range from 22,400 lbs to 100,000 lbs (10 to 45 tons) and stack from 3 to 6 high.

Konecranes is leading the way in lift truck technology by having recently launched the world's first hybrid reach stacker. This Konecranes reach stacker features a hybrid diesel/electric driveline, electrified hydraulic lift system, and super capacitor-based energy storage. Fuel consumption and emissions are cut by at least 30% while offering improved performance, acceleration and response to the driver's commands.

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Konecranes Reach Stacker Attachments

Reach stacker attachments by Konecranes have been designed to help with all of your lifting needs. Designed with your application in mind, Konecranes reach stacker attachments are the solution for your container, intermodal and industrial handling. 

Container handling attachments include:
  • telescopic spreaders for both empty and loaded containers
  • an attachment for lifting open-top containers and flat racks
Intermodal attachments include:
  • a telescopic spreader for loaded containers, swap bodies and trailer handling
Attachments specialized for industrial handling include:
  • an industrial tool carrier system for connecting tools
  • a hydraulic steel slab grab unit that pairs with hydraulic lifting jaws

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