Nilfisk Advance Sweeper

Nilfisk Advance industrial sweeper and scrubber machines are easy to use, easy to maintain cleaning options for tough industrial and commercial cleaning environments. Our rugged floor cleaning products are efficient, durable and powerful, which means you spend more time cleaning and less time maintaining machines.

CS7000 | Advance Sweeper ScrubberCS7000 Sweeper-Scrubber

The Advance CS7000 is the industry's first hybrid and ePowerTM drive combination sweeper-scrubbers. Available in three models you can choose from LPG-hybrid, Diesel hybrid or ePowerTM electric. The CS7000 reduces total cost of ownership including operation, labour, maintenance and increases both fuel economy and run-time.

Using a cylindrical sweeping system and a separate disc scrubbing system, the CS7000 lets you sweep and scrub in a single pass. Dedicated sweeping and scrubbing functions with one-pass cleaning power keeps dry debris dry without introducing the scrubbing solution into the debris Hopper.

7765 | Advance Sweeper Scrubber7765 Sweeper-Scrubber

Designed with big jobs in mind the Advance 7765 sweeper-scrubber can handle even the toughest applications. A heavy-duty, all-steel construction and welded steel chassis ensures durability in all conditions. While the 16 cubic foot debris hopper ensures it can handle large work areas.

The broad 54" scrubbing and 60" sweeping paths make fast work of large areas. Coupled with low maintenance construction, hydraulic systems and power steering, you are sure to increase productivity without compromising efficiency.

Terra 28B Sweeper | Nilfisk AdvanceTerra 28B Floor Sweeper

Better than other wide-area vacuums in the industry, the Terra 28B cleans 20,000 sq feet of carpet per hour. Built with green cleaning in mind, the Terra 28B offers extra quiet operation and bag-less storage. The long running, maintenance free gel battery comes standard and the on-board charger allows you to plug the sweeper into any available outlet.

SW900 Sweeper | Nilfisk AdvanceSW900 Walk Behind Sweeper

Quickly and efficiently pick up dust and debris whether indoors or outdoors with the Advance SW900 sweeper. Designed to effectively sweep a wide range of debris, the large capacity hopper is durable and corrosion proof. Ergonomic with adjustable handles and propulsion bar, this energy efficient sweeper has a 3 hour run time and is suited for all users. 

Terra 4300B Sweeper | AdvanceTerra 4300B Rider Sweeper

For exceptional cleaning in narrow congested areas the Terra 4300B sweeper offers a tight turning radius and superb maneuverability. Tools-free interchangeable filters and brooms make service and maintenance fast and easy. While the horizontal dust panel filter and right and left side booms offer improved productivity covering 81,350 sq feet per hour.

SW4000 Sweeper | Nilfisk AdvanceSW4000 Rider Sweeper

When you need high productivity and reliable cleaning performance, the SW4000 offers simple one touch sweeping and intuitive front wheel steering. The simple one touch sweeping is activated and deactivated by the drive pedal and easy to use analog controls offer a simple user friendly experience for operators. With a 4.5 hour run time on a single battery charge, the SW4000™ will get the job done every time.

SW8000 Sweeper | Nilfisk AdvanceSW8000 Floor Sweeper

The widest sweeper in it's class, the SW8000 is unsurpassed for indoor/outdoor cleaning. A 50" main broom combined with full time dust controlled dual side brooms equals a 77" sweep path.

The Dust-Clear five stage dust control system allows for full time use of the dual side brooms increasing productivity by 70% compared with conventional sweepers. The One-Touch lever and single foot pedal controls makes this the easiest machine to use in the industry.

Protera Sweeper | Nilfisk AdvanceProterra Sweeper

The Proterra is the ideal industrial sweeper for applications such as warehouses, parking garages, foundries and more. Designed to make fast work of large areas, it comes complete with a wide cleaning path, high capacity hopper and is known for it's excellent maneuverability.

The DustGuard system attacks and controls dust at the side broom for 64" of dust controlled sweeping. A rust proof structural roto-molded hopper has an integrated 5mph bumper which helps to extend the machine life.


SC750-800 | Advance ScrubberSC750™ - SC800™  Walk Behind Scrubber

The low-maintenance SC750 and SC800 scrubbers offer full spectrum cleaning in a cost effective walk behind scrubber. With the ability to switch between chemical free cleaning, ultra low dilution or full strength cleaning, you can easily move between applications. And the burst of power feature allows you to adjust the pressure of the brushes to tackle your toughest jobs.

The SC750 and SC800 scrubbers can provide you with 84 minutes of continuous scrubbing, enabling you to increase productivity without compromising performance. Ask us how the EcoFlex system can help you customize your cleaning regime. 

SC750 REV | Advance ScrubberSC750 REVWalk Behind Scrubber

REV technology is  the preferred choice for daily cleaning in applications that require superior cleaning results. REV machines use less water than conventional disc scrubbers and their dual random orbital action tackles dirt from multiple directions at the same time without leaving swirl marks.

Offering the most even clean in the industry, the SC750 REV's exclusive fixed pad driver allows the entire pad surface to clean your floor. All REV scrubbers are certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) to increase floor traction by more than 21%.

Warrior | Advance ScrubberWarrior Walk Behind Scrubber

Built for heavy duty applications needing daily cleaning, the Warrior walk behind scrubber combines 30 gallon solution and recovery tanks with an on-board charger to maximize productivity. A single button will automatically select the correct combination of solution flow and downward brush pressure for regular, heavy or extreme cleaning.

The Warrior has tools-free interchangeable disc and cylindrical scrub decks allowing you to scrub multiple surfaces in one pass. And the UltraFlowsqueegee system ensures 100% solution recovery on turns ensuring your floors are dry and safe for foot traffic immediately.

Adgressor | Advance ScrubberAdgressor Rider Scrubber

The Adgressor combines large scrub decks and solution capacities with superior maneuverability and speed. Designed to handle tough applications the Adgressor scrubber has metal bumpers and roto-molded polyethylene tanks that will not dent, crack or corrode.

Perfect for narrow aisles, this scrubber turns within a 63" path and the comfortable full size operator compartment provides a clear 360° line of sight . The Adgressor is also available with the EcoFlex system, ask us how you can create a more sustainable cleaning program for your facility.

Condor | Advance ScrubberCondor Rider Scrubber

The Condor features the most scrub path options of any machine in it's class. Operators are able to adjust pad pressure, water use and detergent levels to tackle any cleaning application.

Increase productivity with the Condor's simple and intuitive operator controls which minimize the need for training. And reduce down time with easy maintenance access to all critical systems and interchangeable scrub decks.

SC8000 | Advance ScrubberSC8000 Rider Scrubber

The Advance SC8000 maneuverable front steer scrubber has the widest cylindrical scrub deck in its class. Dual counter-rotating cylindrical brushes enable you to sweep and scrub in a single pass. Complete with four different cleaning systems the SC8000™ allows you to customize the machine to your facilities unique needs.

Powered by Kubota industrial engines, the SC8000 gives you a long-life and world-class service and support. Coupled with MaxAccess, your technicians have easy access to all major systems simply and quickly without the need for tools.

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