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With in-class, blended, and online safety training certification options, Leavitt has you covered! Leavitt Machinery understands the importance of ensuring everyone has the proper knowledge and training to remain safe. Whether you’re taking WHMIS safety training or heavy equipment training, Leavitt Machinery ensures you have the information needed to work safely and effectively. All of the courses offered by Leavitt Machinery are designed with the learner in mind. With a variety of learning methods available, including in-class, hands-on training, blended training, and online training, we’ve got the perfect safety training course for you and your schedule.

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Safety Training Guidelines

Did you know that all workers operating any kind of powered material handling equipment need to go through safety training that’s in compliance with CSA and OSHA/ANSI standards to get certified? To ensure that all learners are getting the most relevant information, Leavitt Machinery offers courses that meet CSA and OSHA/ANSI standards. Leavitt Machinery’s training courses allow workers to get certified as per the local regulations. Operators receiving training need to be physically and mentally fit to recognize potential hazards for safe operation. Training should be provided in a well-secured area to avoid machine traffic, pedestrians, and obstructions. Training courses must be delivered in an easy-to-understand and unbiased way for the trainees.

Our Safety Training Courses

The purpose of safety training is to ensure that the employees have the knowledge and training to remain safe on the job. The following key points will be covered in all of our training certification courses:

  • Identifying potential hazards that could be present at the job site.
  • Information on how to conduct safety checks before operating the equipment.
  • Safety measures for working with material handling equipment such as using PPE and a spotter wherever applicable.
  • General responsibilities of the operators such as following operator manual instructions.
  • Developing safe operation habits such as completing safety inspections before using the equipment and recording any issues that might need repair.
  • Fundamental knowledge of the machine that is unique to the equipment type.


Frequently Asked Safety Training Questions

The run-time of safety training may vary drastically depending on the course itself, and the way that it is presented. Some online safety training courses may be as quick as 15 minutes, however some in-class courses can take up to 8 hours. To learn more about the specific training certifications you’re looking at, contact us today!

The cost of safety training varies greatly depending on the type of course. Some of the quicker online training courses may cost as little as $45.00. On the other side of the spectrum, customized private classes may cost as high as $2000.00.

There are a variety of reasons why safety training is important. Proper safety training is essential when it comes to making sure everyone is able to work in a safe environment. For some instances like equipment operator training, proper certification may be required by law. Contact us to learn more about how Leavitt Machinery is able to provide the most up to date safety certifications.

Leavitt Machinery is a COR-Certified company that strives to achieve safety excellence in all daily operations. With safety instructors coming from different backgrounds, each one of them will carry valuable insight into specific operations and requirements. Leavitt Machinery has over 20 years of experience delivering training solutions and helping companies stay safe.