Workers trained to used aerial lifts

MEWP Training - A Necessity for Operators Working at Heights

Operator training specializes operators to work safely in all kinds of environments whether it is maneuvering a reach truck in tight warehouse aisles or working on a mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) also known as aerial work platforms. The purpose of training is to give the operators the right information and skills needed to work efficiently on different job sites. The MEWP training course is recommended for teaching operators to work responsibly at heights as these work platforms extend several feet in the air. Training is mandatory for anyone working with elevated work platform equipment such as boom lifts, man lifts, and scissor lifts. We also offer boom lift training and scissor lift training.

Workers operating an aerial lift  in a building


  • Manufacturer operating instructions
  • Safety regulations and best practices
  • Components of the machine- load capacities and limitations
  • Pre-use inspection and hazard analysis
  • Operator responsibilities

The course will include theoretical and practical aspects of learning followed by an evaluation of the knowledge on paper and demonstration of operating skills. The MEWP training course is also available online in a very user-friendly and interactive interface.

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MEWP training classes by Leavitt Machinery

The course will be adapted to the type of elevating work platforms such as scissor lifts and boom lifts in terms of machine operation and components. The basic structure of the course is designed to cover all the topics required by the local regulations.

Regulations for aerial lift training

The new training guidelines issued by OSHA/ANSI state that all operators need to be trained as per definitive standards before using the equipment. These standards focus on providing theoretical and practical training to anyone working closely with the MEWPs. For the operators that will be working on aerial lift equipment, training will include all aspects of learning about machine operation, safe use and hazard prevention. The MEWP training standards now extend beyond operators and will be effective for:

  • Supervisors
    Any person or persons supervising MEWP operators will need to undergo training too, as mandated by ANSI.
  • Occupants
    Any personnel that will be on the elevating work platform are obligated by the CSA to know the safety guidelines even if they are not considered operators.
  • Repair and maintenance crew
    The new CSA standards demand that the team of people servicing or repairing the MEWPs must know the manufacturer’s requirements.

Why do you need an aerial lift or MEWP training?

Sufficient training and a valid certification are proof that the operator is skilled in the safe and ideal operation of the equipment. It is required by the law that all operators working on an elevated work platform go through training and get a certification before using the equipment. Getting appropriate training will teach you to ensure the safety of yourself and others at the job site. Having the right skills is important as operators typically spend several hours in a day on elevated work platforms while working at job sites. Learning about the functionalities and the stability aspects of elevated work platforms is also extremely essential. The information you will receive from this training course will give you all the tools you need to perform the job with great confidence and ease.

At Leavitt Machinery, we feel proud to offer more than 100 courses in operator and safety training. With several years of experience in training best practices, our training team brings an unmatched quality of knowledge to the table.