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Container Handler Maintenance & Repair

Container handlers are the mammoths of the intermodal industry used to lift shipping containers for loading and unloading cargo. The high efficiency and impressive precision of container handlers are what makes them a very niche segment of equipment specialized for intermodal operations. A key component of container handlers that makes them unique is the spreader bar. This specialized attachment grips the containers very effectively to move and stack them safely.

With the unique design of the spreader bar and the need for high precision while lifting shipping containers, container handlers call for regular maintenance and service. Leavitt Machinery offers one of the most comprehensive container handler maintenance and repair solutions for your fleet.

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Container Handler Maintenance That Makes a Difference

Having a plan for maintenance and knowing what to do for daily upkeep can help increase your equipment’s lifespan and performance. The key to creating a maintenance plan is to follow the requirements listed on the manufacturer’s operator manual. Most manufacturers recommend that operators conduct daily inspections and safety checks before operating the machine. These daily inspections not only help eliminate the risk of potential malfunction but also encourage optimized performance and higher productivity.

Every operator before using the container handler must ensure they go through the daily maintenance checklist based on the manufacturer operator manual. The checklist may include points such as:

To ensure operator safety during machine operation, consider checking off all the boxes on the checklist as follows:

  • The operator must be certified and trained to operate the machine.
  • They must understand the safety guidelines of operation.
  • Operators must wear the necessary PPE such as a hard hat, reflective jacket, safety glasses (if needed), etc.
  • Must know where to locate operator’s manual.
  • Must be aware of any hazards or pedestrians present at the job site.

Operators must also inspect the machine every time before the operation. Daily inspection of the machine must include the following:

  • Check for any physical damage to the equipment such as cables, chains, etc.
  • Note any warning lights and indicators on the engine and other components.
  • Inspect the attachments and masts of the container handler.
  • Make sure the headlights, turn signals and the horn are in working order.
  • Clean the cab for any clutter that could cause a hindrance in operation.

Refer to the manufacturer’s operator manual for specific instructions on the daily maintenance procedures for your container handler.

Why is Regular Maintenance Important for Container Handlers?

The grand purpose of investing in the right tools and equipment is to achieve productivity. With ongoing maintenance and service, you not only get the desired outcome from your container handler in terms of performance but also ensure the safety aspect of the operation. Regular maintenance at manufacturer-recommended intervals and daily inspections ensure the safety of the operator and others present at the job site. A container handler that runs well and is safe to use helps achieve productivity at its best. Apart from performance and safety, conducting regular maintenance helps identify issues with the container handler early. This helps avoid unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs caused due to neglecting the machine.

The Leavitt Machinery Advantage

Leavitt Machinery has a highly trained and specialized service team to take care of container handler repairs and maintenance. From basic on-site repair to all-inclusive maintenance and repair service, our container handler maintenance programs cover all your needs. The most elaborate and comprehensive plan that we offer covers all maintenance milestones as per the manufacturer’s operator manual, scheduled service calls, repairs, and parts availability. The service team proactively monitors the timeline of your machine’s maintenance life cycle and reminds you of your upcoming scheduled maintenance service. Need continuous maintenance support? Our technical team can provide on-site maintenance for your fleet of container handlers. In addition to service, we source parts from our in-house parts department that stocks over 900,000 unique SKUs. Contact our service team to learn more about how you can make the most of your container handlers!