Atlas Copco being used for ground thaw

Indirect Fired Heaters

Indirect fired heaters are ideal for ground thawing and warming outdoor work environments. Their powerful performance, long run times, and rugged durability ensure reliable performance in nearly any application. For all your ground heater, surface heater, and towable heater needs, look no further than Leavitt Machinery! With a selection of indirect fired heaters from trusted brands, we offer solutions for every industry. Whether you’re looking for a ground heater to thaw soil or a towable heater to keep cold sites warm, we can help. Our team will work with you to assess your site requirements, project timeline, and budget. We’ll then use this information to provide an indirect fired air heater or surface heater solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Leavitt Machinery is proud to provide operations with high-quality equipment and comprehensive support solutions. Whether you’re working in construction, industrial manufacturing, or agriculture, we can help. As the authorized dealer for more than twenty-five trusted manufacturers, we provide an unbiased equipment solution for all applications. This ensures that you’re getting an equipment solution based solely on your site requirements and budget without any factory pressure or influence.

Wacker Neuson indirect fired heater used for a construction site

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Workers setting up Wacker Neuson ground heaters

Why Choose Our Ground Heaters?

Easy Transportation, Fast Setup
Each of our indirect fired heaters and ground heaters features wheels and trailer hitches for easy transportation. This makes it easy to move and place your surface heater wherever you need it. Most units also feature easy-access side doors for fast set-up and simple operation. As a result, you’re able to set your surface heater up, power it on, and get to work in less time.

Powerful and Environmentally Friendly
When it comes to ground thawing and area heating, you need a powerful towable heater. That’s why every indirect fired heater in our lineup is designed to provide powerful and efficient performance. With ground heaters offering up to 6,000 square ft of thawing ability, no site is too large to thaw or heat. Most models also feature environmentally-friendly features such as spill containment systems and fuel-efficient engines. This ensures that you’re getting the heat you need while reducing your impact on the environment around you.

Long-Lasting Performance and Durability
Our surface heaters offer up to 140 hours of run time on a single tank of fuel. This ensures that you’re getting consistent heat delivery every time you need it. Many towable heaters and indirect fired heaters are also designed to withstand harsh environments and freezing temperatures. When you need a ground heater that delivers long-lasting performance and leading durability, we can help.

Suitable Industries for Towable Heaters

Indirect fired heaters are commonly utilized on a variety of construction sites in cold seasons and perpetually cold climates. Frozen soil can be difficult to dig in, causing extra wear and tear on your equipment while reducing productivity. That’s why most sites will employ a ground heater or indirect fired heater to thaw these surfaces prior to excavation.

Whether you need to keep an area warm or need to thaw the ground for digging, we can help. Our towable heaters are easily transportable across nearly any construction site, making it easy to get heat anywhere you need it. Many units also feature extended run times and rugged frames that protect core components from freezing temperatures, dust, and dirt. When you need reliable heating for the most demanding job sites, look no further than our surface heaters.

In addition to construction, indirect fired heaters and ground heaters are a popular choice for agricultural applications. When operating in cold weather or climates, indirect fired heaters can be used to thaw equipment or soil. This reduces strain on your equipment, maximizing its usable life and reducing maintenance costs over time. Whether you’re thawing a tractor or warming up soil for digging/tilling, our surface heaters can help.