Operators trained to work on boom lifts at a site

Boom Lift Training

Boom lifts (formally known as MEWPs) are a popular choice for many applications and job sites for aerial access. This is due to their impressive maneuvering abilities and long reach capabilities. Though they appear easy to use, many considerations go into every move and lift. Operators must be trained in safe and efficient practices to reduce the risk of incidents and equipment damage. That’s why Leavitt Machinery offers an in-depth boom lift training course for all levels of operators. This boom lift certification course gives operators the knowledge and experience they need to stay safe on the job.

The content of this boom lift training is delivered via multimedia presentations, interactive discussions, and live demonstrations. This knowledge is then reinforced via written testing and practical hands-on experience. By completing this course, operators will have a thorough understanding of safety standards, safe operating techniques, and maintenance procedures.

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Operator training on a JLG boom lift in a yard

Boom Lift Certification Course Topics

  • Boom lift fundamentals.
  • Identifying hazards.
  • Manual and powered boom lifts.
  • Machine stability and characteristics.
  • Preventative maintenance procedures.
  • Jobs site safety analysis.
  • Machine orientation and safe operating techniques.
  • Proper start-up and shutdown protocol.
  • Steering controls.
  • Operating “envelope” and range of motion.
  • Emergency controls.
  • Safe dismounting.

Boom Lift Training Class Duration

This boom lift certification course can be completed in less than 1 day. Times will vary based on class size and other factors. Please note that extended course formats are available for novice operators.

Boom Lift Re-Certification

Have you previously completed our boom lift training program or training from another provider? If so, you may be eligible for our re-certification course. Contact us today to ask about pricing and availability!

In-House Instructor Program

Does your site have many operators in need of boom lift training? If so, our in-house instructor program may be right for you. Check out our in-house boom lift instructor training page to learn more.

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