Forklift Seats

Leavitt Machinery can supply forklift seats for all makes and models of lift truck. Whether you're managing a few lift trucks or an entire fleet, you need the right parts, right away. Our PARTS EXPRESS program allows you to keep your costs down and your lift trucks and telehandlers running at peak productivity. 

Forklift Seat Belts

We carry a wide range of seat belts that fit most telehandler or forklift seats. If we don't have the seat belt you are looking for in stock, we can often ship next day to your site. Two point, three point, retractable, and non-retractable seat belts, we have them all. 

Choose from our most popular seats

Molded vinyl forklift seat

LMS008 One Piece Forklift Seat

This one piece molded vinyl forklift seat comes complete with:

• Fits any standard 8″(203mm) or 11 1/4″ (286mm) mountings
• Standard black steel pan
• Protective edge trim
• With retractable or standard seat belts
• Adjuster rails at no extra cost

Forklift Seats For sale

LMS010 Standard Vinyl Forklift Seat

Designed to fit Yale or Hyster equipment and comes complete with: 

• Ergonomically contoured seat back
• Scalloped arm hooks for easy rearward viewing
• Accessories including seat belt and hip restraint kits

Forklift Seats For Sale LMS001

LMS001 Low Profile Forklift Seat:

This two piece low profile molded semi- suspension forklift seat, comes complete with:

• Adjustable backrest
• Weather drain
• 3-way driver weight adjustment indicator
• Includes weight adjustment from 110-286lbs
• Fits standard 8″ (203mm), 10 1/4″ (260mm) or 13″ (330mm) mountings

Forklift Seats For Sale

LMS007 Vinyl Forklift Seats

These black vinyl forklift seats come complete with:

• Safety hip restraints
• Folding back rest
• Adjustable back angle
• Operator pouch. 6″ (152mm)
• Fore and aft adjusters 

Forklift seats for sale LMS009

LMS009 Heavy Duty Vinyl Seats

This heavy duty vinyl seat comes complete with:

• A heavy gauge steel structure
• High density Foam
• Sewn with nylon thread and adjusters
• Hinged backrest and seat
• Lateral adjustable mounting from 5″ (127mm) to 15 1/2 (394mm)
• Designed to fold down and allow for forward tilting of the complete seat assembly

LMS012 Forklift Seats

LMS012 Low Profile Mechanical Suspension Forklift Seat

This compact asymmetrical forklift seat provides superior operator comfort and comes complete with:

• Quick weight adjustment from 99-375 lbs
• Adjustable lumbar support
• Fore/aft adjustment of 8 1/4 ” (210mm)
• Suspension travel of 3 1/4″ (80mm)
• Vibration classes which comply with IT 1, IT 2, and IT 3 for forklifts
• Vibration classes which comply with EM 9 for construction machines
• Designed for comfortable reverse driving
• Adjustment range from -5 to 30 degrees in 2 or 5 degree steps

New Forklift Seat Style

LMS013: Full Suspension Folding Forklift Seat

This premium full suspension forklift seat is a more comfortable solution to our other folding seat options. This vinyl forklift seat comes complete with:

• Seat Belt
• Seat Rails
• Seat Switch
• Hip Restraints
• Built In Operator Manual Compartments