Genie Scissor Lift For Sale

Founded in 1966, Genie Industries became known for a material lift that operated on compressed air, this ‘magic in a bottle’ which raised and lowered the hoist impressed customers and gave “Genie” its name. Dedicated to minimizing waste, improving quality, listening to their customers and providing outstanding aftermarket support; Genie remains one of the most trusted brands in aerial equipment.

Electric Genie Scissor Lifts

For versatility, increased productivity and an economically conscious approach to aerial equipment, consider an electric Genie scissor lift. These efficient machines provide increased workspace for more workers and larger loads. With on-board diagnostics, increased traction and fold down guard rails; these machines are designed to make your job easy.

  • Ideal for indoor/outdoor use on firm level surfaces.
  • Low emissions and reduced noise pollution enable this unit to be used in sound sensitive environments.
  • Working heights up to 38ft with the ability to work in spaces as narrow as 32" make this unit flexible when your work environment is not.
  • Tire options include solid non-marking, foam filled non-marking, and foam filled low profile turf tires.
  • Self-leveling outriggers on select models enable you to stabilize your Genie scissor lift up to 5 degrees from side to side before elevating the platform.

Rough Terrain Genie Scissor Lift

For tougher construction or four-wheel drive applications consider a rough terrain Genie Scissor lift. These heavy duty aerial lifts provide a competitive lift speed, increased platform size, speed and traction. Their four-wheel drive and positive traction control provides you with the mobility and stability you need.

  • These rough terrain scissor lifts offer 50% gradeability when driving on slopes.
  • 40 ft, 33 ft, and 26 ft full drive height on select rough terrain Genie scissor lift models.
  • Multi-position slide out front deck extensions and rear slide out extension deck options are available on select models.
  • Built in generator provides on-board power allowing workers to use electrically powered tools.
  • On-board diagnostics and slide or pull out engine trays make servicing quick and easy.
  • Tire options include non marking rough terrain tires, high flotation air-filled tires, or high flotation foam-filled tires.

Telescopic Genie Boom Lifts

With a greater horizontal out reach than any type of aerial platform, the telescopic Genie boom lift is perfect for those areas with limited access in both construction and industrial applications. Designed with productivity in mind, these machines have both the traction and drive speed necessary to navigate your job site safely and quickly.

  • Minimal tail swing enables easy maneuvering within tight spaces.
  • Dual fuel, either gas or LPG options are available for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Genie Boom Lift Super Boom models with their horizontal outreach are among the industries best.
  • Additional options available for cold weather applications.

Rough Terrain Genie Boom Lift

For outdoor construction and industrial applications, a diesel powered Genie boom lift is an ideal solution for all your aerial platform needs. Providing lifting versatility in combination with up, out and over positioning capabilities, this boom lift enables you to work safely and efficiently in a variety of challenging environments.

  • A tight turning radius and zero tail swing on most models enable this machine to maneuver easily through confined areas.
  • Available with options for high ground clearance, two- or four-wheel drive and rough terrain environments.
  • Quiet diesel engine options allow for excellent power, torque, gradeability and terrainability without the noise pollution.
  • A full-time positive drive traction system and active oscillating axle on most models assist with traction on rough terrain.
  • Jib models are available for additional working range.
  • Additional options available for cold weather applications.

Genie Boom Lift | Electric

Available in both DC, and Bi-Energy options, this Genie boom lift line offers quiet, emission-free operation in even the most sensitive work environments. Combining the benefits of the 48V DC machine and the versatility of a diesel powered generator, enables Genie to offer an articulating boom lift with the ability to be driven significant distances in industrial applications.

  • The Genie boom lift operates a self-leveling platform which rotates 90 degrees to either side on non-jib models.
  • A tight turning radius with zero tail swing on most models ensures easy maneuverability through narrow aisles and standard sized doors.
  • Proportional lift and drive controls allow for precise boom positioning and smooth drive performance.
  • Jib boom models are available for extra working range.
  • Up, out and over positioning capabilities give ultimate versatility.
  • Available with an optional cold weather package.

Genie Telehandlers

Genie provides a number of telehandler options, whether you are looking for a compact unit for busy construction sites or high reach options Leavitt Machinery has what you need. Easy to maneuver and convenient to service, each unit is available with a variety of rugged attachments. Genie telehandlers meet the needs of most construction, masonry, landscape and farming applications.

  • Three selectable steering modes: front-wheel, coordinated and crab steer.
  • Standard auxiliary hydraulic system is easily tailored for a variety of attachments.
  • Interchangeable, common components for maintenance efficiency.
  • Simple no-tool access to daily inspection points.


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