Service technician working on a machine

equipment service solutions

Equipment can be the backbone for any business working with heavy loads. When a machine is down, it could mean a loss in revenue and delay in production. These breakdowns are often the result of improper equipment operation or a lack of equipment maintenance. Planning your equipment’s maintenance at proper intervals ensures your equipment is safe and operates at full capacity. A safe and effective piece of equipment means more time working and less time worrying about potential breakdowns. Equipment breakdowns can happen due to mechanical failures that need repair work. Preventative equipment maintenance catches minor repairs and avoids major issues in the future. These big repairs are usually more expensive and take much longer to fix. Appropriate equipment maintenance helps you avoid larger unplanned expenses. Our advanced service solutions help you achieve equipment reliability and efficiency.

Equipment safety regulations

As per CSA and OSHA/ANSI guidelines, mobile equipment in operation must always be up to the safety standards. According to these guidelines, equipment needs inspection for safety with relevant documentation. The equipment is then certified as safe for use by the operators. Our service solutions accommodate these standards for all equipment types.

Why choose us for your service solutions?

We have over 150 factory-trained personnel in different makes and models, our technical team’s vast knowledge helps us meet clients’ expectations regardless of their equipment applications. Our Field technicians are backed by an in-house technical support team composed of licensed technicians and electrical engineers dedicated to assisting our technicians. We have more locations than any other dealer in North America which makes access to our services much easier. Our service solutions are available in-shop at selected facilities. However, if your equipment breaks down while working in remote locations, our mobile service has you covered! When you can’t make it to us, our mobile technicians can get to you and repair your equipment at your job site.

We have all the service solutions for your equipment needs so that you can use your assets to succeed. Book the next equipment service with Leavitt Machinery.