Combilift Forklifts For Sale

The Combilift Forklifts are the world's first IC engine-powered all wheel-drive multi-directional forklifts. A combination counterbalanced forklift / side loader, these hybrid machines are designed to handle long loads with greater stability and safer product handling in mind. Combilift Forklifts use patented, leading edge 4-way steering technology enabling them to travel sideways with long loads. This multi-directional capacity delivers possible space savings of up to 100%.

The GT-Series was developed in response to the markets' need for robust and reliable stand-up side loader forklifts. The Gas/LPG powered engine and hydrostatic drive allows these side loader Combilift forklifts to be used in very narrow aisles both indoors and outdoors. The GT Series can be customized to offer the desired platform length and can work in aisles as narrow as 50". Two standard models offer a range of platform options, capacities from 6,000lbs - 10,000lbs and lift heights up 27'.

The CB-Series is more compact than traditional counterbalance forklifts, and has the added advantage of multi-directional operation. This forklift / side loader hybrid is ideal for any customer who handles palletized goods and long length products. These new innovative Combilift forklifts will bring many advantages to customers who may be using standard a conventional counterbalance forklift, reach truck, side loader, or electric 4-way forklift.

The C-Series Combilift forklifts are available with LPG / gas, diesel and electric / battery powered engines. These models have a range of mast options with lift heights up to 9m and lift capacities up to 55,000lbs. C-Series Combilift Forklifts can work in guided aisles as narrow as 83".

The COMBI-SC Straddle Carrier is designed to handle containers and other oversize loads in shipping yards and warehouses were space is at a premium. With capacities of 35,000 kg – 70,000 kg, the Straddle Carrier can handle 20 ft, 30 ft, 40 ft and 45 ft containers and it allows you to transport through corridors and narrow passage ways while stacking containers 2-3 high.

360 degree visibility and hydrostatic drive on 2 wheels with steering on 2 wheels ensures that you can safely and quickly navigate your yard or warehouse. Ask us for more information on the independent lateral movement to the rear and front, or to request a demo of this unit.

Please Note: Specific products may not be available in all markets.