Service for elevated work platforms

(MEWP) Aerial Lift Service and Repairs

In order to ensure safe usage, boom lift service and scissor lift service needs to be done regularly. A loose component or even a deflated tire while working on an elevated platform can cause instability of the equipment resulting in injuries. Timely maintenance and service procedures certify that the equipment is safe for use. Having a fully inspected and safe piece of equipment is mandatory as per the latest safety guidelines for mobile elevated work platforms.

ANSI and CSA have rolled out definitive safety standards and inspection protocols. As per CSA’s B354.7:17 standard series, proper safety inspections and appropriate maintenance are mandatory for any elevating work platform equipment in service. The inspection protocol by ANSI and CSA states that annual inspection no later than 13 months is required for the MEWPs. Frequent inspections are necessary if the MEWP equipment has been out of service for 3 months. ANSI’s A92.22 standards for safe use and inspection state similar regulations to enforce safety measures for MEWP operation.

Elevated work platform axle for service

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Maintenance panel for service on a mobile elevated work platform

What are the benefits of MEWP maintenance?

  • Consistent service and maintenance procedures enhance performance and help increase the equipment’s life.
  • A piece of equipment that has been properly maintained and serviced is likely to give a better trade-in value.
  • Every time you get your MEWP equipment serviced, it is checked for the safety standards in compliance with CSA and ANSI standards.

The Leavitt service difference

Unexpected equipment breakdown can be the most daunting experience. Every hour in equipment downtime is an added expense and delay in operation. In such instances, it is crucial to have a prompt and accurate diagnosis of the issue and an effective solution for the same. Our technical team understands the need to reduce downtime and have your machine up and running in the least billable hours. All you need to do is call our service department and we will get a technician booked to come out to look at your equipment. With access to a collective pool of knowledge acquired over the years, our technicians can accurately identify issues and offer prompt repair solutions for your MEWP. We can diagnose and repair all common makes and models of mobile elevated work platforms.

Why is it important to regularly service your MEWP equipment

MEWPs, formerly known as aerial work platforms, are extendable platforms used by contractors for working at heights. Jobs that demand access to complex locations such as high ceilings or under bridge arches use MEWPs for lifting workers, tools and products at the job site. With vertical and horizontal reach capacities, they are the best equipment for numerous applications such as maintenance, glazing, lighting, etc. With the nature of the equipment and its extensive use across various industries, the maintenance and safety of the machine should be taken seriously. Elevated work platforms need regular service. Lack of proper maintenance can compromise operator safety and delay business operations. It is important to look into scheduled MEWP service plans to ensure safety and avoid unexpected downtime.