Blended forklift instructor training session

Blended Forklift Instructor Training

For some operations, it can be difficult and costly to enroll every operator into blended lift truck training. That’s why Leavitt Machinery offers a comprehensive forklift instructor training program. This course allows participants to take the online theory elements of forklift operation and WHMIS at the same time. It is then combined with a practical in-class assessment that tests knowledge and skills. This ensures that all skills and knowledge in the online portion are fully absorbed and understood. By having one operator complete this forklift instructor training, they are then certified to instruct other members of your team. As a result, you’re able to have your entire operation trained in proper forklift operation by taking only one course. This maximizes value without sacrificing safety and quality.

Every topic in this course complies with CSA standard B335.15 and ANSI standard B56.1. This course is also an I-CAB-recognized lesson. Additionally, Leavitt Machinery has been recognized by I-CAB for our expertise in this subject matter. This means that all content in our courses comply with the highest safety and performance standards. When you want a complete training solution for every aspect of your operation, look no further than Leavitt Machinery. Contact our training team today to schedule your course or to learn more about our training options.

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Training on a Mitsubishi forklift

Course Topics

  • How to properly park a forklift.
  • Operating forklifts around pedestrians.
  • Principles of stability, balance, and lift capacity.
  • How to safely enter, exit, and operate a forklift.
  • Procedures for visual and operational inspections.
  • Forklift components, functions, and fundamentals.
  • Safely replacing LPG tanks.
  • Safe refueling procedures for gasoline and diesel units.
  • Proper charging, changing, and watering procedures for industrial batteries.

Benefits and Features

Optimal Value Over Time
By choosing this blended lift truck training course, you’re investing in safe operation for your entire team. Our team will work to train an individual of your choice. This individual will then become the forklift trainer for your operation. As a result, you’re able to eliminate the need for individual training courses for each member. This saves you money while keeping all operators educated in safe practices and standards. Subscribe to receive emails about all the latest training deals and specials!

Complete Knowledge and Theory
Through this training, we strive to empower operators and operations with the knowledge they need to stay safe. In addition to the content listed above, we recommend that clients take a WHMIS training course in addition to their lift truck training. This is required for most forklift certifications. The online portion of the course delivers most of the theory and knowledge, while the practical portion tests this knowledge. Participants must achieve a mark of at least 80% to pass this course. If this mark is not achieved, participants will be given 2 additional attempts. When you want a complete blended lift truck training solution, Leavitt Machinery can help.

Unmatched Flexibility
The online portion of our forklift instructor training can be taken at any time, any location, and from any device. As a result, individuals can complete required training even if they have a packed schedule. Users can start, pause, and resume the online content as needed. This eliminates the need to set aside a large block of time to finish the course.

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