Manitou Forklifts For Sale

As a world leader in the rough terrain forklift industry, Manitou has developed product lines and an independent dealer network that has established it as one of the most popular brands in North America. Focused on safety, performance, operator comfort, dependability and serviceability; each Manitou forklift supplies customers with versatility and efficiency for a variety of applications and industries.

MT Series | Manitou TelehandlersMT Series Telehandlers

Compact and built to perform in confined spaces, the MT Series telehandlers feature adjustable, ergonomic operator stations and easy to use controls. These telehandlers have been designed with the operator in mind and feature an optional enclosed cab to ensure comfort in extreme weather conditions.

With capacities ranging from 5,500 lbs to 12,000 lbs and lifting heights of 19' 1" to 55' there is a model to fit every application. The MT Series is easily adapted to fit a number of available attachments such as truss booms, jib booms, and buckets.

MLT Series | Manitou TelehandlersMLT Series Telehandlers

Specifically designed to meet the needs of the agricultural community, Manitou's MLT Series telehandlers was developed with an ultra compact design. From handling animal feed and bales to the bulk loading and unloading of your product, the MLT Series is made for you.

The spacious and ergonomically designed cab was built with you in mind. Fully sound proof and enclosed cab ensures that you can work in any situation. While the intuitive controls enable you to easily operate the boom while keeping one hand on the steering wheel.

MHT Series | Manitou TelehandlersMHT Series Telehandlers

Manitou's MHT Series telehandlers are the ideal solution for customers needing a high capacity telescopic forklift. With capacities ranging from 19,800 lbs to 72,500 lbs and lifting heights from 22' to 36' the MHT Series has a model that will suit almost every application.

Featuring a two speed hydrostatic transmission, the MHT Series is highly maneuverable and operator friendly. Designed to handle the toughest applications, this series of Manitou telehandlers has the power and precision you need to get the job done.

MRT Series | Manitou TelehandlerMRT Easy Series Rotating Telehandler

The MRT Easy rotating telehandler offers you all the advantages of a high performance telescopic forklift and 360° rotation that allows you to work with total freedom of movement while stationary. Designed to be an off-road crane, the MRT Easy rotating telehandler is easily equipped with the essential lifting accessories to turn this telescopic forklift into a fully functioning crane.

With a capacity of 8,818 lbs and lifting heights from 46' to 58' the MRT Easy Series can meet the lifting needs of your facility. Easily adapted to fit a range of accessories this series of telehandler can be equipped with platforms, forks and side shifting carriages, winches and jibs and more.

MRT Series | Manitou TelehandlersMRT Privilege Series Rotating Telehandler

A three in one machine, the MRT Privilege Series rotating telehandlers can do the job of an aerial work platform, telehandler, or crane. With an optional remote control, you can safely operate the MRT rotating telehandler form a safe distance in crane or platform mode.

A spacious cab featuring self-cleaning step, wide door, clear comprehensive dashboard and electronic windows can be adapted to the needs of your operator with adjustable height and angle of the steering wheel and seat. Available in capacities of 8,818 lbs to 12,000lbs and lifting heights of 67' to 104' these rotating telehandlers can meet the demands of any job site.

M Series | Manitou ForkliftM Series Rough Terrain 4WD Forklift

Manitou forklifts are known for their operator comfort, easy maintenance and rough terrain abilities. Available in capacities ranging from 6,000 lbs to 11,000 lbs these machines are built for the toughest applications.

Designed with a 360° full vision and suspension equipped cab, ergonomic levers, and curved counterweight, this Manitou forklift has been designed with operator comfort, visibility and safety in mind. While the shock absorber technology ensures that your product stays safe regardless of the terrain you navigate.

MSI Series | Manitou Forklifts MSI Series Semi-Rough Terrain 2WD Forklift

The Manitou Semi-Industrial Series forklifts are a smaller, more compact version of the M Series forklift that focuses on excellent handling, maneuverability, unbeatable traction and easy maintenance.  Built with a 6,000 lbs - 11,000 lbs capacity it provides capacities equivalent to the M Series in a semi-rough terrain model.

For applications that require a more than the average forklift, the MSI Series forklift provides the same compact maneuverability with the rough terrain ability you expect from Manitou forklifts.

MH Series | Mantiou Forklifts MH Series Rough Terrain 4WD Compact Forklift

The MH Series Semi-Industrial forklifts offer the same features as the MSI Series, however with on-command 4WD capability. This series of Manitou forklift most commonly is used for applications where a compact turn radius and overhead clearances are required, but still need the rough terrain capabilities.

This machine can fit into a standard North American shipping container, making it the most compact rough terrain forklift available.

TMT 55 HT 4W | Manitou ForkliftTMT 55 XT Series Telescopic Truck Mounted Forklift

Easily reach into buildings, over trucks and onto flatbed trailers with the telescopic boom of the TMT 55XT series. With a compact design, lift capacity of 5,500 lbs, lift height of up to 11.25 ft and rough terrain capabilities this Manitou forklift takes it to the next level.

The telescopic mast provides you with 360° visibility and one-side reach capability when loading or unloading flatbed trailers. Designed to increase productivity this unit is also offered in both high traction or extra traction options. While the large flip up hood and centrally located electrical components ensure that you can quickly and easily service your forklift increasing uptime and performance.

TMT Series | Manitou ForkliftTMT 55 XT 4W Series 4 Way Directional Steering Truck Mounted Forklift

This telescopic truck mounted forklift series is available with high traction or extra traction and the added bonus of 4 way directional steering. Allowing for forward, backward or sideways movement, this forklift is ideal for handling long, bulky or awkward loads.

An integrated reversing shift function is now available on the new boom control joystick. This ensures that operators can keep on hand on the steering wheel and one on the joystick at all times. While the 49 hp (37 kW) Kubota diesel engine offers 116 ft.lbs of torque for maximum performance in the most demanding applications.

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