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Are you in need of replacement parts for your terminal tractor? Leavitt Machinery can help! We support an extensive line of equipment, including quality yard spotter and terminal tractor parts. We can provide you with OEM TICO parts, as well as aftermarket Kalmar, Ottawa, and Capacity parts.

Whether you are running one yard spotter or a fleet of terminal tractors, we know how important it is to purchase parts you can trust. At Leavitt Machinery, we supply you with quality terminal tractor parts and work hard to provide you with cost-efficient replacement options. Would you like to know more? Contact one of our yard spotter parts specialists today.

If you run TICO terminal tractors, Leavitt Machinery is your one-stop shop! We can provide you with service and parts, as well as new, used, and rental equipment! From operator manuals to a fleet of new TICO terminal tractors, Leavitt does it all.