Hyundai Forklifts For SaleWith over 35 years of experience across multiple industries, Hyundai Heavy Industries provides quality solutions for all operations. After starting in shipbuilding, they moved on to create forklifts for industrial plants, warehousing applications, and the construction industry. Each of these industries continue to be an area of focus for Hyundai and their forklift lineup. With a Hyundai lift truck, you’re getting a product that has been refined though many years of research, testing, and success.

Each model combines ship-grade steel with industry-leading automotive technology. This ensures a powerful, sturdy, and reliable forklift that delivers incredible performance value for any application. From their cushion tire electric models to their rugged diesel forklifts, Hyundai has a lift truck for every operation. It is this history of quality, value, and versatility that makes Hyundai one of the most widely utilized brands around the world. Contact our team today for more information on our lineup of Hyundai lift trucks!

We can help you find a new Hyundai forklift in the following areas: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, North West Territories, Yukon, Ontario, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Hawaii.

Types of Hyundai Forklifts

For efficient indoor and outdoor operation, look no further than a Hyundai LPG forklift. These units feature lift capacities up to 11,000 lbs, full-suspension seats, and a rugged chassis constructed from ship-grade steel. This ensures reliable performance for a variety of applications. Hyundai LPG forklifts are available in pneumatic and cushion configurations based on your specific needs.

With lift capacities up to 55,000 lbs, Hyundai diesel forklifts are designed to handle heavy materials with ease. This makes them ideal for intermodal applications, forestry, and mining. Additional features include variable lift speed settings, excellent grade-ability, easy access to core components, and leading safety features. These features result in exceptional performance value, optimizing uptime while greatly reducing downtime.

Available in 3 and 4-wheel configurations, Hyundai electric forklifts deliver reliable performance for many indoor and outdoor applications. Featuring lift capacities up to 11,000 lbs, a tight turning radius, and anti-rollback systems, these units deliver safe and effective performance. Hyundai also offers stand-up models for very narrow aisles and tight corners with lift capacities up to 6,000 lbs. Whether you’re working in warehousing, manufacturing, or industrial applications, Hyundai can offer the perfect electric forklift solution.

Why Choose Hyundai?

Exceptional Value and Leading Warranties
With a surprisingly low cost of ownership, Hyundai forklifts are unmatched in terms of performance value. Every forklift in their lineup is also backed by a leading 3-year full machine warranty. A variety of extended coverage options are also available based on your specific needs.

Quality You Can Trust
Since 1972, Hyundai has created quality forklifts with leading technology and ship-grade steel. Every model has been extensively tested and inspected to ensure quality that you depend on. Their user-friendly design and ease of maintenance increases productivity while reducing service intervals. This ensures quality performance for every application.

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