Hyundai Forklifts For SaleEach Hyundai Forklift is designed with a durable frame and built to offer excellent stability and an incredibly smooth ride. Whatever requirements arise, you can count on a Hyundai Forklift to lift your business to greater heights. As the largest ship builder in the world, Hyundai Heavy Industries has access to ship grade steal at a fraction of other manufacturers.

Coupled with industry leading technology from both their earth moving line and passenger vehicle lines, Hyundai brings propane, gas and electric lift truck options to the market with unequaled value and quality. From their quality cushion tire electric lift truck lines to their LPG pneumatic forklifts, Hyundai is tough enough for all your needs.

Hyundai Electric Forklifts

This smooth running line of 3-wheel and 4-wheel electric forklift trucks offers customers a wide range of durable and efficient green materials handling solutions.

Hyundai Forklift | BTR-9 SeriesBTR-9 Series: 3-Wheel, Pneumatic Tire, Compact Electric Forklift

The 9 Series electric powered 3-wheel counterbalance forklifts comes in capacities ranging from 2,200 – 3,300 lbs. It ensures the same high performance and operator comfort you expect from Hyundai with increased energy efficiency and proven durability.

Hyundai Forklift | BT-9 SeriesBT-9 Series: 3-Wheel, Pneumatic Tire Electric Forklifts

Designed for easy maintenance and exceptional maneuverability in confined areas, the BT-9 Series offers enhanced handling control and central pivot turning. Available in capacities ranging from 3,300 to 4,400 lbs., the BT-9 Series 3-wheel electric forklifts are the perfect solution for busy warehouses.

Hyundai Forklift | B-9 SeriesB-9/BC-9/BH-9 Series: 4-Wheel, Pneumatic/Cushion Tire Electric Forklifts

This 4-wheel counterbalance electric Hyundai forklift series offers a smooth running, efficient, compact design. Available in capacities from 3,500 to 11,000 lbs., cushion or pneumatic tire, and 48V or 80V battery options on some models. This series offers enhanced performance that guarantees the highest levels of productivity and operator comfort.

BR-9 Series | Hyundai ForkliftBR-9 Series: Moving Mast Reach Trucks

These counterbalance, moving mast reach trucks feature high efficiency 48V AC control systems and capacities ranging from 2,200 to 6,600 lbs. Complete with anti-rollback systems and excellent gradeability, these reach trucks are perfect for narrow aisle applications.

Hyundai BOP-7 Series | Hyundai Electric ForkliftBOP-7 Series: Order Pickers

This electric order picker series features a compact, narrow aisle design that offers maximum space utilization and greater work efficiency. Complete with multi-functional control levers, pallet clamp pedal and electromagnetic brake system, this Hyundai series offers the best in operator safety and performance

Hyundai BRP-7 Series | Hyundai Electric ForkliftBRP-9 Series: Double Pantograph Reach Trucks

The multi-roller reach assembly on this series of double pantograph reach trucks provides operators with a smooth, controlled and safe load handling system that offers unsurpassed versatility during extended reach. Combined with the same exceptional ergonomics, minimal turning radius and efficient 36V AC control system, Hyundai’s BRP-9 series ensures your warehouse runs smoothly and at peak efficiency.

Internal Combustion LPG/G Hyundai Forklifts

This powerful line of internal combustion forklifts comes in a wide range of models and cushion or pneumatic tire and engine options including the Hyundai L4KB 2.4L Tier4 Certified and GM 4.3L V6 Tier4 Certified engines.

LC-7M Series | Hyundai ForkliftLC-7M Series: Cushion Tire Hyundai Forklifts

This series of cushion tire Hyundai forklifts comes in a variety of models and non-marking tire options. Featuring a powerful Tier4 Certified engine, these machines consistently provide high performance. With state-of-the-art hydraulics and fully hydro-static power systems, these forklifts have the power you need.

LC-7A Series | Hyundai ForkliftLC-7A Series: Cushion Tire Hyundai Forklifts

When you need a little more power, the Hyundai LC-7A series offers a Tier4 Certified engine that gets the job done. Built to last, every  Hyundai forklift features strong overhead guards, durable components and was designed for easy access when servicing.

L(G)-7M Series | Hyundai Forklift L(G)-7M Series: Pneumatic Tire Hyundai Forklifts

Available in LPG or Gas power options, the L(G)-7M series Hyundai Forklifts offer a smooth ride and fully hydro-static steering. Designed to handle tough outdoor applications, these forklifts come in a wide variety of models up to 16,000 lbs.

L(G)-7A Series | Hyundai ForkliftL(G)-7A Series: Pneumatic Tire Hyundai Forklifts

With the same exceptional ergonomics, durability and traction control, the L(G)-7A series Hyundai Forklifts offer the extra power you need in tough applications. Featuring a powerful Tier4 Certified engine, this forklift offers faster travel speed and enhanced gradeability.

Internal Combustion Diesel Hyundai Forklifts

Hyundai's new high-performance, fuel-efficient diesel forklifts are designed to move heavy materials like lumber, shipping containers, concrete and steel products. With a superior cooling system and a heavy-duty single-unit frame, these forklifts are built to last.

DA-9 Series | Hyundai ForkliftDA-9 Series Hyundai Forklifts

This new line of high capacity diesel trucks combines the proven quality of Hyundai's forklift line with advanced technology that ensures maximum performance and even better fuel economy. The 4 cylinder engine provides you with the power you need while ensuring EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage IV emission regulation compliance.

D-9 Series | Hyundai Forklift D-9 Series Forklifts

When you need even more power the new D-9 Series offers the additional torque and horsepower needed to get the job done. Featuring a powerful 6 cylinder turbo-charged engine, these machines were built for power, reliability and economy that meets EPA Tier 4 and EU stage IV emission regulations.

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