Compact Wheel Loaders

Compact wheel loaders are a versatile and powerful piece of equipment that are becoming increasingly popular in various industries. Also known as articulated loaders, these innovative units are designed to maximize productivity, safety, and value. We offer several compact wheel loaders that are ideal for construction, material handling, and other demanding applications. When you’re dealing with heavy materials, difficult terrain, and narrow spaces, a compact wheel loader is the perfect solution. We can schedule an on-site assessment to determine the perfect unit for your needs. This ensures that you’re getting a tailored solution that adheres to your environment, pace, and budget. Contact our team today to learn more about our selection of articulated loaders!

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Advantages of Our Compact Wheel Loaders

Industry-Leading Comfort
A comfortable operator is a productive operator. That’s why every compact wheel loader we offer is designed to deliver exceptional operator comfort. This is achieved through enhanced visibility, ergonomic suspension seats, and simplified electronic controls. Additional features include a tilt-able steering column, an all-weather cab, working lights, and heating systems. This ensures that operators remain comfortable and productive throughout the day regardless of external conditions. These features also enhance overall safety, greatly reducing the risk of incidents or property damage.

Exceptional Maneuverability
By utilizing one of our articulated loaders, you’re able to traverse difficult terrain with ease. This allows you to operate in areas that other equipment simply can’t. Our compact wheel loaders feature heavy-duty articulating joints that allow for 45° turning angles. This means that tight corners and narrow paths are no longer an issue during operation. Each unit also features extended ground clearance, allowing you to pass over debris and obstacles without issue. This reduces wear and tear on the unit, reducing maintenance requirements and costs over time.

Simplified Maintenance
When it comes to maintenance and repairs, you want to have them completed quickly and correctly. That’s why every compact wheel loader we offer is designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Daily service checks can be quickly performed through an easily removable engine cover. This allows you to monitor the condition of your equipment without removing several components or propping the cab up. Each unit also features an LCD display that informs you of any electrical issues or faults. These features work together to reduce downtime by keeping repair and maintenance times to a minimum.

Powerful Versatility
Our articulated loaders offer unmatched versatility through their All-TachTM system! This feature allows the user to quickly swap attachments depending on the task at hand. As a result, you’re able to perform a wide variety of tasks with a single machine, maximizing value. We offer an extensive selection of attachments including fork carriages, buckets, clamps, sweepers, and more! Each attachment is designed to deliver lasting, powerful performance in any condition. Regardless of your application, we can provide you with the perfect attachment solution. Contact our team today for more information on our attachment lineup.

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