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Mitsubishi Forklifts

Mitsubishi forklifts are a popular choice for a variety of industries and applications. For more than 25 years, Mitsubishi has built a reputation for its reliable forklift lineup and efficient warehousing solutions. When you choose a Mitsubishi lift truck, you’re choosing a piece of equipment that’s been refined through years of research and development. This results in a quality forklift that delivers reliable performance at an exceptional value.

This value can be easily seen in the standard features of each Mitsubishi lift truck. Many features that would be an extra cost for other brands are standard on most models. Examples include LED lights, onboard diagnostic systems, and a fully adjustable, full-suspension seat. This ensures a comfortable and user-friendly experience for operators, boosting productivity and safety. Contact our team to learn more about the Mitsubishi forklift lineup and our other equipment solutions!

Mitsubishi in a warehouse

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Choosing the Right Mitsubishi Forklift

The answer to this question varies based on your site requirements, budget, and project timeline. To determine the perfect Mitsubishi lift truck for your needs, we can perform an in-depth on-site assessment of your operation. Through this assessment, we’ll take note of:

  • The materials you’re handling, how heavy they are, and if you require specialized attachments.
  • The surfaces on which you are primarily operating.
  • Weather conditions and typical work environment for your equipment.
  • How long you use your equipment in a typical shift/day (total hours).

With this information, we can determine the optimal Mitsubishi forklift and other equipment for your operation. This ensures that you’re getting equipment that optimizes productivity, safety, and overall value. Reach out to our team today to schedule an on-site assessment for your operation!

Leavitt Machinery is proud to be a leading Mitsubishi forklift dealer. We offer a full range of Mitsubishi lift trucks including the popular Mitsubishi FG15 and Mitsubishi FD30. Whether you’re working in construction, warehousing, industrial manufacturing, or forestry, we can help.

The Advantages of Mitsubishi Lift Trucks

Intelligent Engineering
Every Mitsubishi forklift has been refined through years of research, user feedback, and improvements. Mitsubishi has incorporated its automotive innovation into every aspect of their forklift and warehousing equipment lineup. The result is a fleet of equipment with reduced emissions and efficient operation. This results in a longer usable life and a reduced carbon footprint without cutting any performance or durability.

Features Above Industry Standards
Why pay more for features that should come standard? This question stands as one of the core ideas behind the design of every Mitsubishi lift truck. That’s why features such as a full-suspension seat, fingertip hydraulic controls, and an LCD instrument panel are included as part of every model. This improves operator comfort, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

A Solution for Every Operation
With more than 150 forklift models in their lineup Mitsubishi can provide complete solutions for any operation. Each model can also be tailored to specific requirements with different tires and optional features. Whether you’re running a single forklift or an entire fleet, our team at Leavitt Machinery is here to help.

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