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Blended Forklift Training

With thousands of forklift-related accidents every year, proper forklift safety training is crucial for any operation. This blended forklift training course combines online theory with practical assessment to deliver a complete forklift certification solution. The content within this course aims to reduce the risk of safety incidents by fully educating operators in best practices. This helps to increase site safety and productivity while reducing equipment wear and tear. Contact our training team today to learn more about our forklift certification courses and other blended forklift training options.

Every topic in this course is designed to adhere to the standards outlined in CSA B335.15 and ANSI B56.1. This ensures that each operator is educated in the best current safety and performance practices. Our blended forklift training program is also an I-CAB-recognized course. I-CAB (International Competency Assessment Board) has also listed Leavitt Machinery as a competency development resource. This means that each course we offer provides accurate information that adheres to the highest standards.

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Topics Covered in This Course

  • Guidelines for parking a forklift.
  • Operating forklifts around pedestrians.
  • Principles of balance, stability, and capacity.
  • How to safely enter and exit a forklift.
  • Visual and operational inspection procedures.
  • Forklift fundamentals, components, and functions.
  • How to safely replace LPG tanks.
  • Safe methods for picking up, moving, and placing loads.
  • Proper fueling procedures for gasoline and diesel-powered units.
  • How to change, charge, and add water to industrial batteries.

Features and Benefits of Our Training

Comprehensive Knowledge and Theory
Our blended forklift training course covers every aspect of safe operation. The online portion of the course dives into operating procedures, inspections, and operating theory. This ensures that every part of daily forklift operation is addressed. The practical portion of this course is delivered by one of our certified and experienced instructors. As a result, participants are evaluated by operators that fully understand safe and effective operation. Individuals that finish this course are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to get the job done right.

Training That Fits Any Schedule
The online portion of this blended forklift training course can be taken at any time and from any location. This makes it easy to complete on even the busiest schedules. The course is roughly 2.5 hours long and can be started, paused, and resumed as needed. A mark of at least 80% is required to pass. If this is not achieved on the first attempt, participants may repeat the course up to 2 additional times. The practical assessment can be completed at any of our 10+ training facilities. In some areas, we offer onsite assessment and training, allowing you to complete the course regardless of your location. Reach out to our team today to learn more!

Leading Value
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