Fleet Management Programs

Forklift Fleet ManagementIt's estimated that only 15-20% of the total operation cost of a forklift is tied to the initial purchase of the machine. This leaves the remaining 80-85% for maintenance, downtimes, crisis management, damages/misuse and fuel costs.

For this reason, Leavitt Machinery provides a comprehensive mobile equipment fleet management program to assist your business in making educated, strategic and economically responsible decisions regarding your mobile fleet.

Our Programs are Customized to meet your needs

Our goal is to provide you with an integrated service that not only improves your day to day operation but also saves you money. COR certified in BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, our fleet management experts work closely with our Safety Task Force, Service department and industry leading trainers to ensure that we present you with a holistic program that addresses all your needs.

Why should you consider a fleet management program?

Mobile and materials handling equipment is what we do best. By opting for a fleet management program with Leavitt Machinery, you can rely on our years of expertise while you focus on your business. Our goal is to provide you with ease of ownership services that provide you with valuable visibility to assist in making responsible long term decisions.

5 reasons why - fleet managementWe increase uptime by providing total or preventative maintenance programs. This helps to reduce equipment breakdowns and reduce or eliminate major component repairs.

We help you to save money by streamlining equipment costs with one monthly payment. When you choose a fleet management program, you avoid major capital outlays by opting for a fixed monthly operating expense.

We help increase productivity with additional equipment rental programs to help keep product moving during your busiest seasons. Our team will also ensure that you're not held up by unexpected down time. When your machine is down for unplanned maintenance or repairs, Leavitt Machinery will provide a loaner unit to keep your business running smoothly.

We save you time by reducing the supervision and time spent managing your fleet. Through our Fleet Track system, we provide you with comprehensive data management and accounting services. It also enables you to sort and view all equipment at multiple locations with the click of a button.

We increase safety at your facility by replacing old, outdated units with the latest in materials handling equipment. Newer equipment offers the benefits of state of the art ergonomics and engineering design. We help you to be more compliant with emissions standards and offer the latest in safety features.

Fleet Management Process The Four Steps To Fleet Management:

Step 1 - Initial Inspection: Our team starts with a detailed no-cost, no-commitment inspection of your facility, fleet and your application. This helps us to understand and assess any site specific challenges.

Step 2 - Fleet Audit: Next we go through your entire fleet to identify any surplus or under utilized equipment. Then we assess the life cycle costs of each machine to determine the optimum turn over time for each machine.

Step 3 - Recommendations: We provide you with a comprehensive list of recommendations that covers equipment specifications, service and training schedules, as well as optimum turn over time for older or unreliable equipment. Equipment specifications cover everything from mast and fork profiles to tire options and recommended fuel types for your equipment. Our team will also provide you with a list of any safety recommendations that will help to ensure the safety of your employees, equipment and the product they move.

Step 4 - Implementation: It doesn't end there, we work with you to implement all aspects of your fleet management program. Our team provides integrated services such as cost control, data management, ease of ownership services, and fleet management cost and utilization reporting.

What is Fleet Track?

Login to Fleet Track

Fleet Track is an all inclusive data management system that gives you real time access to every piece of equipment in your fleet. This online program holds all maintenance and service data on every machine and assesses the overall running costs, helping to identify any potential issues.

Fleet Track takes the guess work out of asset utilization by breaking down and identifying the total cost of ownership. The goal is to help equipment and fleet managers to make educated business decisions based on the information we provide. With Fleet Track, you have the ability to pull reports, identify and monitor your business goals and identify the cost per hour for each machine.

Fleet Tracking Customers can:

  • View detailed maintenance data on all machines in the fleets
  • Track the cost per hour of each machine to identify possible problems
  • Review service history for all equipment including customer damage and regular maintenance
  • Review asset utilization for each location to maximize productivity and minimize over hour costs
  • Sort data by location to view all equipment for each specific location and each specific machine in that location
For more information on this program contact a Fleet Management expert today.

Safety Consultations

COR Certification Alberta

Leavitt Machinery, a COR Certified company in BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, has a dedicated safety task force that acts as a neutral third party when conducting comprehensive safety management site audits. We analyze existing safety protocols and procedures and assess your companies compliance with applicable regulatory legislation and your desired organizational processes and procedures.

BC COR CertificationOur safety professionals provide your stakeholders with an objective findings report that helps them evaluate the existing safety performance. As well as a number of recommendations to help maintain or establish a strong safety culture in your business.

We work with your team to develop safety and equipment programs that are tailored to your applications specific needs. Whether it is private onsite training for your specific equipment, blended forklift or aerial equipment training, or any of our online training courses we have a number of safety training options that are geared towards creating safer and more productive workplaces.
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