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Forklift Rebuilds And Refurbishment

In today's economy, it can be difficult to fit the purchase of a new piece of equipment into your budget. If you're not interested in selling your forklift or moving to a rental, why not consider refurbishing your forklift? When you own a forklift with a lift capacity of 30,000lbs or higher, it can definitely pay to perform a forklift rebuild. A rebuild may not always be the best choice over buying anew piece of equipment, but it's always worth looking into.

Consider the following advantages of refurbishment before deciding on your next course of action.

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The Advantages Of Rebuilding Your Forklift

Cost Savings
When purchasing new equipment, it can be difficult to gain approval for a large capital expense. That’s why it’s never a bad idea to weigh the pros and cons of refurbishing your existing equipment. By doing so, you may be able to save anywhere from 30-40% of the purchase price. In addition to these initial savings, you’ll also see savings over time for replacement parts as older components tend to cost 25-30% less than newer components. All new parts and components are also backed by a full manufacturer’s warranty, allowing you to operate with peace of mind. Though there are undeniable cost savings for some larger units, these savings may vary for smaller pieces of equipment. That’s why we’re here to help with expert advice, helping you determine the best choice for your equipment, needs, and budget..

Keep A Unit You Know and Trust
If you’re considering refurbishment, odds are you’ve spent years relying on your equipment. This means that you know the unit fits into your operation and requirements. Your operators have also become accustomed to the controls, handling, and dimensions of the unit, making it almost second nature to operate. By choosing to rebuild your forklift, you get to keep a piece of equipment that you know and trust to get the job done. You’ll also be able to keep your Tier 3 engine instead of moving to a Tier 4, allowing you to keep the performance that you’re used to. We offer rebuild services for high capacity forklifts, telehandlers, and more! This means that we can help update any piece of equipment in your fleet, even units with a pivoting chassis.

Reduced Lead Times
With lead times of up to 12 months for most new equipment, it can be difficult to fit this purchase into the flow of your operation. When you need your equipment quickly, a major rebuild may prove to be the most efficient option for your needs. The average rebuild takes about 6 weeks to complete, allowing you to have your equipment back to work in far less time. During this 6 week process, we replace the engine, transmission, and all other core components. We also repaint the unit, making it look and perform like new. Contact our team today for more information on our major rebuild program!