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Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) Virtual Reality (VR) Simulator

Did you know that you can now test your skills on a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) using a virtual reality (VR) simulator? Leavitt Machinery now offers a MEWP VR Simulator as another resource for assessing an operator’s proficiency levels! This means that operators can react and respond to real-life situations in a safe and controlled environment. So, if you are looking for ways to increase your job site productivity and efficiency while reducing overall training costs and risk of accidents, the MEWP VR training simulator might be the right fit for you.

What is the MEWP VR Simulator? The MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platform) virtual reality (VR) simulator is a North American based technology designed to offer instruction on the operation of mobile elevating work platforms (aerial work platforms/lifts, boom lifts, scissor lifts, etc.). The physical unit, on a smaller scale, resembles the basket of a boom lift. It comes to a height of 51.1 inches, a width of 32.3 inches and is equipped with controls necessary to operate a MEWP in real life.

Operator Taking Scissor Lift Virtual Reality Training

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Operator Taking Boom Lift Virtual Reality Training

Why Use A Virtual Reality Simulator?

In May 2021, Energy Safety Canada approved the use of Serious Labs’ MEWP VR Training Simulators for meeting the requirements of a standard practical assessment. Traditionally, practical assessments are performed using a boom and scissor lift. However, this form of assessment is costly and dependent on the accessibility of finding a machine. By going the virtual route, you are saving money and time. Worried about it not being the same? Don’t! the MEWP VR Simulator simulates machinery operation with a high-level of realism. It is also able to simulate full-motion feedback, just without the risk of injury!

Here are a few other benefits to using virtual reality for MEWP Training:

With virtual reality, you have access to many different scenarios! That’s because virtual reality simulation allows operators to learn and practice skills that they would not be able to complete in a real-life training scenario. Some scenarios that you can practice are overhead crushing, loading, and entrapment.
Did you know that human error is the number one cause of accidents involving mobile elevating work platforms? With the VR Simulator, operators are able to fully measure their skills and practice difficult maneuvers without putting themselves at risk or risk damaging the equipment.
Not certain if your staff require certification? If you have operators that have not operated a MEWP for quite some time, you can use the MEWP VR Simulator to test their skill levels. Proficiency Testing will help you gauge what level of re-certification your staff require.

MEWP VR Simulator Training Options

The MEWP VR Simulator is an innovative device that addresses key issues within the heavy-equipment industry. Now operators can be properly assessed on the operation of boom or scissor lifts with no added risks to themselves and their jobsite. So, if you are looking for a progressive solution to your operator training needs, this virtual reality simulator is the best option for you! At Leavitt Machinery, we offer two options for training on the MEWP VR Simulator.

Train At Our Facility
Our onsite MEWP VR Simulator is currently located at our Coquitlam branch. If you are interested in assessing your MEWP skills via virtual reality simulation, please contact us.

VR Simulator Rentals
Interested in renting the MEWP VR Simulator for your worksite? We have daily, weekly or monthly rental options available! This allows you to assess all your employees on a schedule that works best for you. Interested in learning more about our rental program for the MEWP VR Simulator? Please contact us today.

Frequently Asked Virtual Reality Training Questions

Virtual reality (or VR) is a simulation that is computer generated. This simulation projects three-dimensional (or 3D) images that can be interacted with by a user through the use of specific VR equipment. VR equipment could include a helmet, goggles or gloves.

This award-winning technology is used globally throughout Europe and Asia. It is a recognized training tool used by IPAF (the International Powered Access Federation) for advanced training testing.

Yes. VR simulation is used in several industries (by surgeons, soldiers or pilots etc.) where the work application is considered high-risk. Furthermore, the MEWP VR Simulator has received the necessary approval (e.g. IPAF & Energy Safety Canada) to deliver certification courses.