Atlas Copco generator used on a site

Diesel Generators

Skid-mounted generators and mobile generators are relied on by many operations for power in remote locations. When working outdoors or in areas without easy access to power sources, it can be difficult to get the job done. A mobile diesel generator can be towed or mounted to a skid for easy transportation around the job site. This ensures that you’ll always have power for tools and other crucial equipment. Some diesel generators are also integrated into compressors or light towers, further increasing versatility.

If you’re in the market for a diesel generator or trailer-mounted generator, Leavitt Machinery can help. We’re proud to offer an extensive selection of towable generators and skid-mounted generators from brands like Atlas Copco. Whether you’re working in construction, forestry, mining, or agriculture, we can help you find the perfect unit for your needs. Our team will work with you to assess and understand your specific site challenges, project timeline, and budget.

Atlas Copco diesel generator used on a construction site

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Towable Generators - Features and Benefits

Stable and Fast Power
When running power tools and other crucial equipment, you need a steady and reliable power source. Occasional power failure or uneven output can damage your equipment and negatively impact productivity. That’s why every diesel generator in our equipment lineup is built to deliver consistent power output. Most units can also be linked via parallel operation, increasing power output and stability. This ensures that your tools and lighting equipment always have the power needed for operation.

Extended Runtimes
Our trailer-mounted generators and towable generators feature large fuel tanks and efficient motors. This results in optimal fuel efficiency, maximizing run times for long shifts. With models offering more than 40 hours of run time, you’ll spend less time refueling and more time on the job. Efficient motors also reduce fuel costs over time, optimizing value without compromising performance or reliability.

Reliable Durability
For some diesel generators, dirt and dust can pose a serious risk to their performance and longevity. That’s why we’re proud to offer a selection of mobile generators that feature dual-stage air filtration technology. This system keeps harmful dust and debris out of core systems, prolonging the usable life of every diesel generator. Each unit also features corrosion-resistant frames that are ideal for operation in seaside environments.

Diesel Generators – Suitable Applications

When it comes to construction, hand tools and lighting equipment are crucial for getting the job done right. For remote sites or those without easy access to electricity, a mobile generator is an ideal solution. Towable generators are easily transportable and can be easily placed anywhere you need power. Some trailer-mounted generators also feature integrated lighting systems or compressors. This optimizes efficiency and value by reducing the number of units required for the job. Contact our team today to learn about our mobile construction generators!

For agricultural operations, it can be difficult to perform certain tasks without access to a power source. This is especially true if you’re using electric air compressors, heaters, or power tools. That’s why we provide a selection of mobile generators that can be easily transported to any location. Each unit provides long run times, rugged durability, and reliable power output that makes it great for any task.

For remote logging sites, you need portable power for your tools, lighting equipment, and other machinery. We’re proud to offer a selection of rugged, high-power trailer-mounted generations and skid-mounted generators. Each unit provides reliable power for demanding electric equipment and tools. With some diesel generators offering more than 40 hours of run time, you’ll always have the power you need. When you need a diesel generator that you can set and forget, Leavitt Machinery can help.

Diesel generators are a great choice for large mining operations that run around the clock. Their long run times, simple operation, and easy portability make them perfect for powering lighting equipment and tools. Each unit is also highly resistant to dust and debris, prolonging its usable life even in harsh conditions. This is due to advanced dual-stage air filtration that prevents dirt, dust, and small stone chips from entering the machine. Discover the benefits of our towable generators for mining today!