Fantuzzi Container Handler Parts

OEM Fantuzzi Container Handler Parts

For years, Fantuzzi was a leading manufacturer of intermodal and port equipment. The brand Fantuzzi was bought out by Terex in 2009 and it became a Terex legacy brand. In 2017, Terex port solutions was purchased by Konecranes. As a legacy brand that is no longer in production, finding replacement parts for your Fantuzzi container handler can be frustrating. Let us help you with that. Leavitt Machinery is now the authorized Fantuzzi container handler parts dealer in 30 states throughout the United States.

As an established equipment parts supplier throughout Canada and the United States, Leavitt Machinery represents over 30 leading manufacturers of industrial, construction, and port equipment. We pride ourselves in being able to source the part you need, in the time you need it, at a price that makes sense. Just let us know the model and serial number of your Fantuzzi container handler and we will do the rest.

Unable to Source Parts for Your Fantuzzi Container Handler?

Direct Access to Factory Parts: Some will claim they have direct factory access, however, by the time you received your parts, they will have gone through at least 3 different hands, driving your cost up. Leavitt Machinery has daily communication with the parts factory in Italy, allowing us to truly say that we have direct factory access to Fantuzzi parts, cutting out the middleman and lowering your cost.

Immediate Assistance: Downtime = money. What you don't need is someone who doesn't share the same sense of urgency as you do. If you are in a downtime situation and require immediate assistance, our parts support team is available 24/7 to answer your call.

Strong Technical Support: If you have tried to find Fantuzzi parts, you know it's not easy. We have invested the time in our employees to ensure they have the knowledge and resources to get the parts you need. Excellent customer service is what our business was built on. Our parts team has over 100 years of combined experience sourcing hard to find parts and can help you find the Fantuzzi parts you need so you can get back to focusing on your business.

Quality Fantuzzi Parts That You Can Count On: A part is a part right? Wrong. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) have spent years formulating the right recipes for the parts they manufacture. This ensures that the part you are getting was made specifically for your machine. And is backed by factory warranties.

Availability: Any way we slice it, it's not ideal. Unfortunately, Fantuzzis are not supported the way they once were. This means hard to find parts, and once you do find them, they take 6 weeks to get here. Not anymore; while we can't say that we stock thousands of parts for your Fantuzzi, we can say we have direct access to the factory in Italy. If the part is in stock in Italy, we can have it in as little as 3-5 days. If the part is not in stock, we are able to get it in 1-4 weeks.

We provide Fantuzzi parts for the following models:

Looking for something unique? Contact us today and our team of dedicated parts professionals will help find what you are looking for.

CS 7.5S6 T45X FDC25J6
CS 7.5S7 T45S FDC25J7
CS42 RS50 E  5-8
CS42K RS55 E 6-8
CS42KC RS60 E 6-9
CS42KM RS70 E 7-9
CS45KC RS70/90 FDC320 G3
CS45KE FDC18K5 FDC360 G3
CS45KL FDC18K6 FDC450 G4
CS45KM FDC25K6 FDC480 G4
CS45KS FDC25K7 FDC500 G5
T45 FDC25K8 FDC550 G6

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