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TICO is the largest fleet owner/operator of terminal tractors in North America. When they couldn't find a reliable and durable alternative to the yard tractors on the market, they decided to build their own. As service technicians and drivers, they offered real world insight into the application and design of the Pro-Spotter line. They manufactured, and were operating, 1,200 trucks before they began selling their product.

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Incorporated in 1946, TICO (Terminal Investment Company) originally moved veterans to and from the ports. The founder, J.A. Booker saw a need for coordination and cooperation among the stevedores and distribution companies servicing the ports. Over 40 years later, TICO operates, sells, and leases TICO Pro-Spotters throughout North America.

With maximum up time in mind, they offer dozens of standard features that keep product moving more cost-effectively than competitors. The TICO Pro-Spotter has been designed on a modular platform that enables service technicians to remove or replace parts and systems in minutes, not hours or days.

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