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Shunt Trucks

Also known as terminal tractors, jockey trucks, and yard spotters, a shunt truck provides an effective solution for transporting containers. Widely used in intermodal, industrial, and warehousing applications, it’s important to ensure you’re getting the best shunt truck for your needs. With brands such as TICO, our selection of terminal tractors are ideal for many operations and environments. Contact Leavitt Machinery for more information or to schedule a site assessment today!

Leavitt Machinery is a leading provider of high-quality material handling equipment solutions. Whether you’re looking for a new yard mule truck, replacement parts for your equipment, or operator training, we can help. Our team will work with you to provide complete solutions for every aspect of your operation. We can perform an in-depth on-site assessment to determine the optimal equipment for your site requirements and budget. This ensures that you’re getting a solution that optimizes productivity, safety, and value.

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Tico shunt truck working in a port

Why Choose Our Shunt Trucks?

High Performance Value
Our yard spotters feature large fuel tanks, efficient engines, powerful towing capacities, and a hydraulic fifth wheel. These features combine to maximize uptime and performance. Operators can easily load and unload containers without needing to exit the cab, drastically increasing productivity. Longer run times and powerful performance further enhances productivity, allowing the operator to get more done in less time. When you want a unit that provides some of the best performance value on the market, we’ve got you covered.

Simplified Service
Each shunt truck in our lineup is designed with ease of maintenance in mind. This is achieved through easy access panels that allow the operator to quickly gauge the condition of vital components. Each component can also be swapped out using regular tools, eliminating the need for specialized equipment. By increasing the speed of pre-operation inspections and routine maintenance, operators can spend more time on the job.

Exceptional Comfort
A comfortable operator is a productive operator. That’s why our yard mule trucks are designed with the operator as a central focus. Cabs are ergonomic, air-conditioned, and comfortable, while controls are easily accessible and responsive. Each unit also features impressive visibility and air-operated doors that open/close with the push of a button. These features combine to maximize operator comfort and confidence, increasing productivity and safety as a result.

Spotter Trucks – Common Questions

Some models of shunt trucks or terminal tractors can be driven on the road while others cannot. If you want to operate your shunt truck on the road, you’ll need a DOT (Department of Transportation)-Certified model. These models meet the regulations and standards required for operation on the road so long as they are properly insured. To learn more about DOT-Certified jockey trucks, contact our team!

Some operations and companies require shunt truck operators to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL). This is especially true if they require the transportation of containers from one location to another. If an operation only transports containers within a determined worksite, they may allow use without a formal driver’s license. They will likely still require completion of several shunt truck training courses and safety programs. For all your safety training needs, look no further than Leavitt Machinery! We provide hundreds of unique online and in-class courses for all types of equipment and operations. Contact us today to learn more.

Shunting is the act of moving trailers around a job site or short distances by road to another location. This process consists of attaching the trailer to the truck and detaching it once it has arrived at the desired location. Due to the frequency of bumps and minor collisions, shunting is highly demanding for most types of equipment. Though many operations utilize semi-trucks, shunt trucks are becoming increasingly popular.

To meet and exceed these demands, you need durable, reliable, and powerful equipment. That’s why the optimal choice for shunting is a yard mule truck. These units are built with high-strength steel frames that can withstand years of shunting collisions and bumps. This ensures reliable performance and safety for new and experienced operators alike.

In addition to durability, jockey trucks feature a hydraulic fifth wheel. This allows for easy attaching/detaching from trailers without needing the operator to leave the cab. All operation is performed via controls within the cab. As a result, operators remain comfortable and productive throughout the day without cutting down on productivity. Additional benefits include enhanced fuel efficiency, easy maintenance, and exceptional visibility compared to a semi-truck.

For more information on our selection of new shunt trucks, contact our team today. We’ll work with you to provide the perfect terminal tractor for your needs, schedule, and budget.