Mining Equipment

Mining Equipment Applications

  • Shovel Maintenance Support And Component Handling

  • Haul Truck Maintenance Support And Component Handling

  • Scaffold Yards

  • Tracks And Auxiliary Handling

  • Extractions

  • Rental Machines Available In Partnership With Finning Canada

For all mining equipment, uptime is critical; throughout Western Canada production and support on all mining equipment is critical to the success and profitability of mining operations. From high efficiency electric warehousing equipment to the highly versatile, rough terrain, multi-tool handlers equipped to manage the maintenance of the largest mining shovels of the world, Leavitt Machinery has a full line of mining equipment for sale.

As an industry leader, we believe in providing complete support packages for our mining customers. By representing 20 different manufacturers we are able to provide an unbiased solution on what will work best for your application. Speak with one of our mining equipment experts today for more information on how we can help increase productivity and efficiency.

Custom Mining Attachments

Leavitt Machinery works closely with our manufacturers and our mining customers to increase awareness and focus on safety throughout the industry. We do this through education, operator safety training and aftermarket support; if you are interested in more information on how you can increase safety awareness on your job site, contact your mining equipment specialist today.

MHT Cylinder Grapple 

The Manitou MHT series and the Cylinder Grapple together create a viable equipment solution for better managing the change-out process of cylinders on hydraulic mining shovels. In the past, the process to manage this task was slow, dangerous and came at the high expense of crane costs, downtime and diverted labor. This custom tooling solution Leavitt Machinery can offer will provide drastic improvements to this process as far as safety and operational efficiency are concerned.

Improved safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness

  • Significantly reducing the time workers are in dangerous work (pinch) zones
  • Protecting components and equipment from unnecessary damage
  • Increasing efficiency with the change-out process being made safer & easier
  • Reducing costs by alleviating crane costs, lengthy downtimes & diverted labor

Cat Lift Trucks

In our fleet of mining equipment for sale, CAT lift trucks offer the perfect fit for your high production, 3 shift applications. With options for propane, diesel and electric forklifts, CAT has partnered with Jungheinrich to provide the mining equipment industry with the only true indoor/outdoor electric forklift on the market. Ask us how the standard 24 month, end to end, unlimited hours warranty and available 5 year end to end warranty will help you to protect your investment.

Combilift 4-Way Multi-directional Forklifts

The full range of Combilift 4-way directional lift trucks is geared towards effectively and safely handling this application’s longest loads. With capacities ranging from 5,000 lbs to 55,000 lbs and the ability to quickly disconnect multiple custom mining equipment support attachments such as a tire handlers; these machines are capable of managing even the largest mining tires, and are a critical part of any productive mining fleet. The compact, multi-directional tire handler concept enables your haul truck shop application to conserve both valuable space and time through faster haul truck turn around.

Taylor Heavy Duty Forklifts

For over 80 years, Taylor has proven to have the lowest overall running cost and longest life expectancy over any other manufacturer. In mining equipment, Taylor has risen to the top of the list when it comes to the high demand for tire handling on mining haul trucks. We believe it’s easy to put your faith in a company that is trusted by some of the most reputable tire companies in the world.

Konecranes Forklifts

Konecranes forklifts are made with four welded steel plates and feature double torsional stiffness and higher strength, resulting in fewer stresses and strains and higher lifting capacity at high lift heights. Konecranes offers a series of forklifts with capacities ranging from 22,000 lbs. to 143,300 lbs.

Manitou Rough Terrain Forklifts And Telehandlers

With the largest range of rough terrain equipment in the world Manitou is the most popular manufacturer of mining equipment for sale in BC and Alberta. With the strongest focus in the industry on safety, ergonomics and efficiency, most Manitou mining equipment products are approved both provincially (BC and Alberta) and federally to work safely in your mining operation.

Xtreme Telehandlers

Xtreme is one of the leading North American telehandler manufacturers. With the only 70,000 lbs. capacity telehandler in North America, and the only model with a 70 ft. lift height, Xtreme telehandlers are designed for any job site.

JLG Aerial Lift Equipment

Most mining equipment requires maintenance to ensure a highly productive facility. In these situations look to JLG; as one of the most widely used machine manufacturers on the market, they provide the safest and most effective way to maintain all your equipment. With the largest range of boom lifts and scissor lifts in the industry, JLG enables us to ensure we have the machine you need in our fleet of mining equipment for sale.

Genie Aerial Lift Equipment

Genie offers a wide range of scissor and boom lifts that will allow your employees to reach hard to access areas on your site. Indoor or outdoor, these lifts were designed to help you lift employees, tools and materials anywhere you need them.

Product Availability May Vary Depending On Region