Motrec Tow Tractors and Burden Carriers

Motrec Logo Founded in 1988 in a small automotive garage, Motrec has grown into an industry-leading producer of utility vehicles. Their innovative and reliable tow tractors and burden carriers are now produced in a massive production facility that supports operations around the world. Whether you’re working in a fast paced warehouse or a large industrial facility, Motrec offers complete solutions that increase productivity.

Motrec tow tractors and burden carriers deliver leading towing capacities, long run times, and exceptional handling. Each unit is also built to last with durable components and intelligent design that allows for easy maintenance. This results in increased productivity and drastically reduced downtime. For more information on Motrec tow tractors and burden carriers, contact our team at Leavitt Machinery today!

Worker using Motrec warehouse equipment

The Motrec Vehicle Lineup

Tow Tractors
With towing capacities up to 200,000 lbs, Motrec tow tractors can handle the most demanding loads with ease. No other model on the market can match this capacity, making Motrec the ideal choice for heavy materials and long hauling distances. Each Motrec tow tractor also features a tight turning radius, compact design, and leading safety. This ensures that your operation continues to run smoothly while reducing the risk of incidents.

Burden Carriers
Motrec burden carriers offer up to 5,000 lbs of carrying capacity and 6,000 lbs of towing capacity. This allows them to reliably haul a variety of materials for many different applications. A steel unibody construction and durable components greatly extend the time between service intervals.Want to learn more about Motrec products? Reach out to our team today!

Benefits of Motrec Vehicles

Industry-Leading Innovation
Motrec tow tractors and burden carriers are widely regarded as some of the most innovative equipment on the market. Their intelligent design features a reliable electric powertrain, leading safety, and certified performance. Each unit also features easy access to vital components, making inspections and maintenance faster than ever.

Versatile Solutions Motrec
prides themselves on their ability to provide the perfect piece of equipment for the task at hand. That’s why they offer the ability to tailor their tow tractors and burden carriers to specific needs. By choosing certain options and packages, you’ll be getting a unit that is specifically designed for your application. This ensures the best possible performance and value over time. Contact us today to learn more about Motrec.

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