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Aisle Master Forklifts

With more than 50 years of experience, Aisle Master provides complete material handling solutions for operations with limited space. The Aisle Master forklift lineup delivers exceptional performance in areas that other lift trucks wouldn’t be able to operate in. With the ability to operate in spaces as narrow as 1.6m, they are ideal for narrow aisles and tight corners. When you choose an Aisle Master forklift, you’re choosing a versatile, cost-effective, and reliable solution. Every one of their VNA forklifts is built with quality, ease of use, and safety in mind. This ensures that your operation runs smoothly and safely throughout the day. Contact our team at Leavitt Machinery today for more information on our Aisle Master forklifts!

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The Aisle Master Advantage

Innovative Solutions
Aisle Master has been redefining the VNA forklift for more than 50 years. With a focus on in-depth site research and quality manufacturing, Aisle Master is focused on delivering reliable solutions for all warehouses. When you choose an Aisle Master forklift, you’re choosing one of the most innovative and reliable solutions on the market.

Up to 50% More Storage Space
When you’re looking to increase your available storage space, an Aisle Master Forklift may be the perfect solution. Their articulating design allows them to pick standard-sized pallets to the left or right without turning the truck. This allows for less required operating space and faster overall speed. Discover the Aisle Master advantage today!

Optimal Ergonomics and Visibility
Aisle Master knows that a comfortable operator is a productive operator. That’s why every Aisle Master articulated forklift features ergonomic cabs, simplified controls, and exceptional visibility. Electric units also feature low noise production and reduced vibration during operation, reducing operator strain. These benefits combine to keep operators comfortable, productive, and safe throughout their entire shift.

Conventional Forklift Vs. Articulated Forklift

Though conventional forklifts are effectively utilized in a variety of applications, they aren’t well-suited to confined spaces. When dealing with extremely narrow aisles and tight corners, conventional forklifts can’t turn to place or retrieve pallets/materials. Compact units may be able to turn, but they will require multiple adjustments to get into an effective position. This results in reduced productivity and safety. In environments where space is at a premium, there are several reasons why an articulated forklift is a better choice. These include:

  • A swiveling mast that can turn right or left. This allows for efficient placement and retrieval of pallets without turning the entire forklift.
  • A tighter turning radius that allows for precise cornering even when hauling a pallet.
  • A narrow mast that enhances visibility to increase safety and productivity.

For more information on articulated forklifts and Aisle Master forklifts, contact our team! We’ll work with you to provide the perfect material handling solution for your operation.

Additional Services and Solutions

In addition to a leading selection of Aisle Master forklifts, we’re proud to offer complete parts, service, and training solutions. Whether you’re running an Aisle Master 20SE, Aisle Master 15E, or Aisle Master 44E, we can help. We provide high-quality OEM parts and certified service for all Aisle Master forklift models. Our team will partner with you to keep your equipment in peak operating condition, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. We can also track and perform training for Aisle Master forklifts, keeping your operators certified and safe. Contact your nearest Leavitt Machinery location today to learn more!

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