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BYD (Build Your Dreams), the 2016 winner of CeMat's International Forklift Truck of the Year award (IFOY), is an innovative company that is re-defining the automotive and materials handling industry with their award-winning iron-phosphate technology. Founded in 1995 in Shenzhan, China, BYD has gained distinction and become the world's largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries. Pairing their advanced battery technology with intelligent designs, BYD entered the automotive market in 2003, and then opened their forklift operation in 2010.

BYD is committed to long-term sustainability, and their dedication and sense of responsibility towards continuing their research to develop and implement cleaner forms of energy is recognized worldwide. In 2010, BYD's founder and chairman, Chuanfu Wang, was awarded the Zayed Lifetime Achievement Award which recognizes an individual for their achievements in sustainability. Furthermore, in 2016, BYD was awarded the prestigious Zayed Future Energy Prize in the large corporation category, an award honoring major investments in renewable energy and sustainability on a global level.

BYD continues to renew and up their commitment to new technology and sustainability, and the world is noticing. Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. has invested in BYD, and in 2016, Samsung acquired a stake in the company. If you want to be part of the future, it's time to take a look at BYD electric forklifts.

BYD Electric Forklift Features:

10-5-3 Warranty: BYD offers an industry leading 10 year or 20,000 hour warranty on the battery, a 5 year or 10,000 hour warranty on the drive train, and a 3 year or 6,000 hour warranty on the components.

Lithium Iron-Phosphate Battery: The safe and stable lithium iron-phosphate battery design does not transmit heat or heavy metals, making it fire and explosion proof.

Ultra-Fast Charging: Designed to maximize productivity, operators can utilize "whenever charging" without reducing the life-expectancy of the battery. When it only takes 90 minutes to reach a full charge, 15 minutes here and 15 minutes there makes a real difference!

Side Charging: BYD forklifts are equipped with side charging, which is an extremely user-friendly method that minimizes the risk of accidents.

Your Choice - Basic or Comfort: BYD offers a standard model and a comfort model for all their equipment. Comfort models come equipped with a full suspension seat with fingertip controls, a triplex mast with dual free lift cylinders, and a full-steel cabin with a heater.

Safety Features: BYD forklifts are equipped with an automatic speed reduction when turning, as well as with a braking assist system and an overload protection.

Standard Features: LED headlights, full-color digital display, hill-hold feature, and advanced telematics.

Parts You Trust: BYD electric forklifts are built with trusted and industry leading components like Grammer suspension seats, KDS motors, and more!

Intelligent Software: BYD electric forklifts have touch controls, a multi-function TFT screen, and programmable software that doesn't expire.

Safe Battery Disposal: At the end of your BYD electric forklift's life, you can safely dispose of the battery. Additionally, you can recycle or repurpose your battery - after 10,000 working hours, the battery retains more than 65% of its capacity.

BYD Electric Forklifts

Offering the world's most energy efficient forklifts, BYD has three-wheel and four-wheel models that address and exceed the needs of the most demanding class Ι applications in the materials handling industry. Packaged as a truck, battery, and charger, BYD electric forklifts reduce operating costs and increase efficiency with their revolutionary lithium iron-phosphate battery.

3-Wheel BYD Electric Forklifts

BYD 3-Wheel Electric ForkliftBYD has two 3-wheel electric forklift models, the ECB16 and the ECB18, that are perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. With capacities ranging from 3,000-4,000 lbs., these environmentally friendly machines will revolutionize your business. With no battery maintenance and whenever charging, you will see a dramatic drop in your operation costs, and a significant uptake in productivity.

Check out BYD's 3-wheel electric forklift options.

4-Wheel BYD Electric Forklifts

BYD 4-Wheel Electric ForkliftRanging from 4,400-7,700 lbs., BYD has five 4-wheel electric forklift models to choose from. Whether you choose the basic or comfort version, your BYD electric forklift will always deliver the lowest cost of ownership. Choose your BYD, choose your battery size, and choose your version - then get ready to build your dreams.

Check out BYD's 4-wheel electric forklift options.

The BYD PTP20 Pallet Jack: 4,400 Lb. Capacity

BYD Electric Pallet JackDesigned with versatility in mind, the BYD PTP20 pallet jack allows for increased productivity and maximizes efficiency. With a standard foldable platform and foldable side support protection, this pallet jack will keep you safe and speedily load and unload trucks in warehouse operations.

Equipped with BYD's signature lithium iron-phosphate battery, the PTP20 pallet jack features easy to access top charging for maximum efficiency. Furthermore, operators can engage in partial charging without any effect on the battery's memory or efficiency.


Electric Power Steering: Reducing operator fatigue, the electric power steering allows for increased maneuverability in narrow-aisle warehouse applications and similar reduced space applications.

Shock-Absorbing, Anti-Skid Platform: Ensure operator safety, BYD's shock-absorbing, anti-skid platform delivers a stable and comfortable experience for operators.

180° Rotatable Steering Handle: Enhancing maneuverability, BYD's steering handle makes working in narrow spaces easier and efficient.

Automatic Shut Down: BYD takes safety seriously so when an operator releases the steering handle, or the handle is in a vertical or horizontal position, the pallet jack shuts down.

Immediate Reverse Function: If the operator leans on the reverse protection button, the pallet jack will reverse immediately.

The BYD Battery

BYD Forklift BatteryBYD is a battery company, but their innovative automotive and forklift designs rival their technology. BYD's line of electric forklifts feature a maintenance-free, sealed iron-phosphate battery which means you never have to see the battery. With a 10 year or 20,000 hour full replacement battery warranty, BYD promises and delivers a reliable and long-lasting forklift. The ingenious iron-phosphate technology eliminates the need to water the battery, to have a battery room, to store a spare battery, or worry about flammable gases. This stable machine does not generate heat, which means the battery is fire and explosion proof, even under the most extreme external conditions.

When it comes to charging times, BYD has outdone themselves. Each machine can attain a full charge in 60-90 minutes (depending on the model), and operators can utilize "whenever charging" without reducing battery efficiency. When coupled with 18 hour run times, you can see how this electric forklift is changing the industry and redefining electric materials handling equipment.

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