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Used 2020 MANITOU 2550RT Skidsteer for sale in Red Deer Alberta

2020 MANITOU 2550RT


Stock #: EQC030043
Location: Red Deer, Alberta
Used 2020 MANITOU 2550RT Skidsteer for sale in Edmonton Alberta

2020 MANITOU 2550RT


Stock #: EQC032130
Capacity: 2550 Lbs
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Used 2020 MANITOU 3200VT Skidsteer for sale in Kelowna British Columbia

2020 MANITOU 3200VT


Stock #: EQC061451
Capacity: 3200 Lbs
Location: Kelowna, British Columbia

Radial vs. Vertical

Because radial loader arm skid steers have better breakout, digging and prying forces, they are ideally suited for ground moving tasks. This arrangement gives more reach at mid-ranges since the travel path is similar to an arc. This makes radial loader arm skid loaders excellent for loading and unloading off of smaller vehicles or platforms such as, pickup trucks. You also get a little more visibility with radial configurations.

Vertical lift machines often have larger lifting heights, full-height reach, and slightly higher lifting capacity. For additional stability and capacity, the arm design keeps the weight closer to the cab. Material handling is also more stable because of this arm design.

Tires vs. Tracks

On paved terrain, skid steers with tires provide the operator with more traction and agility. Skid loaders with tires go faster and have a higher top speed. They are also better in situations where there will be a lot of tight turning. While the tires tend to wear out faster than tracks, tracks are more expensive to replace.

Tracked machines give an extremely solid platform that improves everything from grading to attachment use. The give greater contact with the ground then they typical tired skid steers. This makes them great when operating on uneven terrain.