Atlas Copco air compressor used for construction

Industrial Air Compressors

Industrial air compressors are a popular choice for a variety of industries and operations. Their reliable and simple operation allows for easy use of various tools and air-powered systems in nearly any work environment. Whether you’re using a nail gun, paint sprayer, or other tools, we provide high-powered towable air compressors for all sites. Each industrial air compressor in our lineup is designed to offer high-output performance, lasting durability, and extended runtimes. This ensures that you always have a steady supply of air for tools and crucial systems. From construction and industrial manufacturing to warehousing and food production, we provide mobile air compressors for every application.

As the authorized dealer for more than 25 trusted brands, Leavitt Machinery provides complete equipment solutions for all applications. With an extensive selection of quality equipment and rentals, we provide you with the solutions you need to get the job done right. In addition to equipment, we offer total parts, service, and training services for every type of equipment we sell. This allows us to serve as your one-stop equipment shop, saving you the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors.

Industrial air compressor used on a construction site

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Towable air compressor used on a construction site

Towable Air Compressors – Suitable Applications

Our industrial air compressors give you the power you need to run a variety of air tools with consistent airflow. Simple operation, long run times, and exceptional durability maximize productivity and performance value. Many units can be easily transported to any location on your job site, allowing you to get air wherever you need it.

Many manufacturing facilities utilize dedicated, stationary industrial air compressors to power equipment and crucial systems. These systems are relied on to provide consistent airflow and performance. That’s why every industrial air compressor in our lineup is designed to deliver industry-leading performance, safety, and value. Whether you’re looking for an oil-free system or an oil-lubricated option, we can help you find the perfect solution.

Food Processing/Production
When working with food, you need compressed air systems that comply with the highest sanitation standards. In addition to sanitation requirements, you need an industrial air compressor that is designed to deliver consistent output. For leading sanitation and reliability, look no further than our selection of oil-free industrial air compressors. These units feature Teflon-coated components to minimize friction, eliminating the need for oil and minimizing waste.

Towable Air Compressor Benefits

Trusted Reliability
Each industrial air compressor in our equipment lineup is designed to meet or exceed leading safety and performance standards. These include relevant standards outlined by OSHA, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001. This ensures that every towable air compressor and stationary air compressor delivers consistent and reliable airflow. Each unit is also constructed with high-strength components to ensure lasting durability, even in harsh outdoor environments. When you need a compressor you can rely on to power your tools or keep crucial systems running, we can help.

Power for Every Application
Whether you’re looking for a compact compressor, towable air compressor, or industrial air compressor, we can help. With options from trusted brands like Atlas Copco, we provide tailored solutions for your specific needs. Our inventory includes an extensive selection of conventional industrial air compressors and oil-free models. This ensures that you’re getting the perfect towable air compressor or mobile air compressor for your specific site requirements.

Low Cost of Ownership
If you’re looking to maximize value without sacrificing performance, our industrial air compressors are an ideal choice. Air compressors are a long-term investment for many operations, so you want to ensure that you’re getting optimal value. That’s why every industrial air compressor in our lineup is designed to offer a low cost of ownership. Each unit is designed to reduce energy consumption and is constructed with high-quality parts to reduce maintenance costs. This helps to reduce your operating costs without cutting down on the quality you require.