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Energy Safety Canada (ESC) Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP)

Energy Safety Canada (ESC) offers a training program for operators of Type 3, Group B Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs). This course focuses on ensuring a solid grasp of MEWPs operation and safety within the context of Energy Safety Canada.

During the training, participants explore various aspects of their role, including job scope assessment, workplace requirement awareness, and hazard recognition. Within the training, practical learning involving hands-on activities like hazard assessment, equipment checks, and basic MEWP operation.

This course can serve as a valuable competency evaluation. Employers can designate workers as "competent individuals" for specific tasks upon successfully completing this training.

To join the Mobile Elevating Work Platforms course, participants should possess a valid OSSA or ESC Fall Protection Certificate, demonstrating a strong foundation in safety protocols. After successfully finishing the course, which includes an examination, participants will receive a three-year certificate of completion. This reflects their commitment to energy safety in Canada and their competence in operating MEWPs safely and effectively. If you require an ESC Fall Protection Certificate, check out our ESC Fall Protection Course

Investing in this training not only enhances personal skills but also contributes to a safer working environment in Canada's energy sector.


Mobile Elevated Work Platform Certification Objectives

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) are a vital tool in various industries, providing access to elevated work areas. Understanding their operation and safety protocols is essential for both workers and employers. In this introduction, we'll look into MEWPs, their applications, and the importance of proper training. The course objectives are:

  • Understand and fulfill the operator's role and responsibilities in MEWP operations.
  • Learn hazard management strategies specific to MEWPs.
  • Develop and implement effective rescue plans in MEWP-related emergencies.
  • Evaluate and select the most appropriate MEWP for specific tasks.
  • Conduct thorough pre-operation inspections of MEWPs.
  • Safely operate MEWPs according to established protocols.
  • Properly stow MEWPs post-operation to ensure workplace safety.

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Mobile Elevated Work Platform Certification Topics

Hazard Management Strategies:

In the realm of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs), hazard management is a critical aspect. It involves not only identifying potential hazards but also formulating effective strategies to mitigate them. Achieving a high level of proficiency in this area is central to ensuring a safe work environment.

Comprehensive Rescue Planning:

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, having a well-thought-out rescue plan is indispensable. Knowing how to execute a swift and effective rescue operation can mean the difference between life and injury. This aspect of MEWP operation demands thorough knowledge and preparation.

Exploring MEWP Capabilities:

Understanding the capabilities of different types of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms is crucial. Each MEWP variant possesses unique features and limitations that require in-depth comprehension. This knowledge empowers operators to select the most suitable equipment for the task at hand.

Selecting the Right MEWP:

The process of selecting a MEWP involves assessing various factors, including the nature of the job, environmental conditions, and safety requirements. It's a nuanced decision that calls for expertise in matching the MEWP's specifications with the job's demands.

Pre-Operation Inspections:

Before the ascent, a meticulous pre-operation inspection is a non-negotiable step. This involves a systematic examination of the MEWP to ensure it is in optimal working condition. Mastering this procedure is vital for safe and efficient MEWP operation.

Proper Operation and Stowing Protocols:

Operating a MEWP correctly is more than just manipulating controls; it involves adhering to established protocols and best practices. Additionally, the procedure for safely stowing the equipment post-operation is equally significant. Proficiency in both areas is essential for safe and productive work at heights.

ESC Mobile Elevated Work Platform Course Duration

This is a one day course. Completion times vary based on class size and other conditions. For information on this fall protection certification course or our other training options, contact our team today.