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Forklifts for Sale in Brantford, Ontario

With 5 locations throughout southern Ontario, we provide complete solutions for all types of applications and operations. As part of Leavitt Machinery, we have access to thousands of unique products and exceptional buying power. This allows us to offer a leading selection at a price that works for any budget. Whether you’re looking for forklifts for sale in Brantford, a forklift rental, or forklift parts, we have you covered.

We are committed to fully understanding your needs, challenges, and goals. This allows us to provide you with a tailored equipment solution that adheres to your budget, requirements, and project timeline. By offering a multi-brand, customer-centered approach, we give you an unbiased solution with no factory pressure.

Our forklifts for sale in Brantford are ideal for cold storage facilities and food processing plants as well as warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing operations. In addition to new forklift sales, we offer used forklifts, forklift rentals, forklift parts, forklift service solutions, and forklift training. This allows us to serve as your one-stop material handling equipment shop. Contact our Brantford sales team today to see how we can support your operation with quality solutions!

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Warehouse Forklifts for Sale in Brantford, Ontario

Warehousing, manufacturing, food production, and cold storage are the most common industries in Brantford. We provide a complete selection of cushion, pneumatic, and electric forklifts for sale from many leading brands. Our inventory features units with capacities ranging from 5,000 lbs all the way up to 55,000 lbs. This allows us to provide custom solutions for your specific site requirements and material handling needs. Our team will work with you to understand your needs, budget, and timeline.

Not sure which forklift is the best choice for your needs? We can help. See below for a list of each type of warehouse forklift for sale we offer in Brantford.

About Brantford, Ontario

Formed in 1877, Brantford (Brant’s Ford) is named after Joseph Brant, a Mohawk leader during the American Revolutionary War. Known as the “Telephone City”, it was the home of Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the first telephone. The city is home to iconic memorials that celebrate both of these individuals.

Manufacturing has always been the dominant industry in Brantford. Once focused on manufacturing telephones, the city has shifted to manufacturing a variety of consumer products. These include products for SC Johnson, Procter & Gamble, and Ferrero SpA. Other important industries include food processing, cold storage, and warehousing.

Leavitt Machinery is proud to serve Brantford, the county of Brant, and all of Southern Ontario. If you’re in need of forklifts for sale in Brantford or other services, we can help. In addition to new equipment, we offer used equipment, rentals, parts support, equipment service, and operator training. Contact us today to see how we can support your operation with quality products and services!

Order Pickers
These units excel in warehousing operations that handle many customer orders and small parts every day. Their compact design, height capabilities, and exceptional handling make them the perfect choice for narrow aisles. Operators travel up and down on a platform behind the forks to pick individual products or entire pallets. This makes it easy for operators to jump on and off the unit as many times as is needed throughout the day.

Reach Trucks
Similar to order pickers, reach trucks feature an extending mast that allows users to extend and retract their forks. This gives operators the ability to make adjustments to their forks without moving the entire unit. As a result, they’re able to make micro-adjustments in less time, boosting efficiency.

Stand-Up/Stand-On Forklifts
With a small chassis and exceptional turning radius, these forklifts are ideal for tight spaces and narrow aisles. The operator cab is located at the back of these units, allowing for great visibility and ease of use. If you’re working in an operation with limited space and a fast pace, a stand-up forklift is a great choice.

Articulated/Very Narrow Aisle Forklifts
If you’re working in extremely narrow aisles or are looking to extend your storage space, consider an articulated forklift. These units can swivel their front end, allowing operators to retrieve pallets while keeping their cab parallel to the shelf. This allows the machine to essentially operate as a sideloader, without having to re-position like you would with a traditional lift truck. By using very narrow aisle (VNA) forklifts, facilities can reduce the space between shelves, allowing them to store more products.

For more information on our selection of narrow-aisle forklifts for sale in Brantford, contact our team! We can build a customized solution that checks every box, not some just some of them.

With the shift to green alternatives, electric fork trucks have become increasingly popular. This is due to their total lack of emissions, quiet operation, and cost savings over time. Though primarily used indoors, many models now feature a sealed battery that makes them safe for outdoor usage. Electric forklifts typically cost more up front but save you money down the road with reduced fuel and maintenance costs. If you’re looking at switching to an electric forklift fleet, our team can help!

Internal Combustion (IC)
Versatile and powerful, IC forklifts are the most common type of lift truck on the current market. Featuring high lift capacities and the ability to work indoors or outdoors, these units are ideal for nearly any environment. Some IC forklifts can be quickly refueled on the fly, making them perfect for operations that run around the clock.

Cushion Tire
Ideal for indoor use, cushion tire forklifts are equipped with non-marking tires that won’t damage floors. With tires that contain more rubber, operators will experience a smoother ride while operating indoors. If you’re operating entirely inside, a cushion-tire fork truck may be right for you.

Pneumatic Tire
These are the most common type of tire on a lift truck due to their versatility and durability. Whether you’re operating on concrete, traversing dirt, or moving over gravel, a pneumatic tire forklift can get the job done. Pneumatic tires can also be filled with foam to prevent flats and increase lift capacity. Contact our team today to learn more!

Pallet Jacks
Pallet jacks allow operators to move palletized goods with ease. Available in manual and electric configurations, these units reduce operator strain to allow for efficient and safe transportation of goods. If your operation moves many pallets of products every day, our pallet trucks are the perfect choice.

Walkie Stackers
For operations that move and stack many pallets of goods every day, a pallet jack won’t be enough. That’s why we offer a wide selection of walkie stackers for sale. Available in walk-behind and ride-on models, walkie stackers allow users to move, lift, and retrieve pallets in narrow spaces. Available with various lift capacities and height capabilities, these units can fit the demands of any facility.

We’re proud to offer hundreds of models of forklifts for sale in Brantford. Whether you’re looking for an order picker, an LPG forklift, or a walkie stacker, we can help. Our team can perform an in-depth onsite assessment of your facility. This allows us to determine the correct unit(s) for your environment, pace, and the materials you handle. As a result, you’re getting a tailored solution that optimizes productivity while adhering to your budget.

For specialized materials, standard pallet forks may not be enough. That’s why we’re proud to offer a wide range of lift truck attachments for sale. Whether you’re handling paper rolls, specialized metal materials, or other difficult loads, we can help. We offer clamps, sides shifters, rotators, and other attachments for all leading makes and models. See below for a list of each lift truck attachment we offer and a description of their function.

Rotators allow the operator to rotate the backrest (and by extension, forks) of the forklift. This is useful for dumping bins into a container or disposing of waste.

Barrel/Roll Clamp
If you’re handling round or long materials, a clamp is a great solution. This attachment allows you to safely handle paper rolls, barrels, and specialized metal components with ease. Clamps also have a built-in rotator, allowing the operator to easily position the material for safe transport and unloading.

Pole Attachment
When handling long rolls of carpet or other materials, conventional forks won’t get the job done. That’s why we offer pole attachments for all leading makes and models. These attachments consist of a long metal pole that is inserted into the center of the roll. This allows for easy handling of even the most difficult long materials.

Side Shifter
A side shifter is a hydraulic attachment that allows the operator to move their forks from side to side. This allows for small adjustments without needing to reposition the entire lift truck.

Fork Positioner
Like the side shifter, a fork positioner is a hydraulic attachment that allows the user to directly control the forks. Instead of side-to-side, a fork positioner allows the operator to move one or both forks in and out. This is ideal for retrieving difficult pallets from a shelf or for making small position adjustments.

Leavitt Machinery offers a full selection of forklift attachments for sale in Brantford. Reach out to our team today to learn more about our products and solutions!

It’s important that every operator understands the various components of the forklift they are using every day. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of core components a user will find on their lift truck and their functions.

Also known as the frame, this structure is typically built of high-strength steel. All major components are mounted to the chassis. This includes the axles, the wheels, and the mast.

The cab is the location the operator sits and operates the forklift from. Some cabs are completely enclosed, while others are open-concept designs. Enclosed cabs may have options for air conditioning and heating, making them a good choice for hot and cold environments. All cabs are protected by ROPS (Roll Over Protection Structure) or FOPS (Falling Object Protection Structure) systems. These keep the operator safe in the event of dropped loads or tip-overs.

This is a mass of metal attached to the back or bottom of the forklift. As the name implies, it serves as a counterweight against the weight of the load, keeping the forklift stable.

This hydraulic-driven component is responsible for raising and lowering the forks. Masts can be classified as single, dual, and triple-stage based on the number of sections they have. Masts with more sections tend to have higher lift heights.

Load backrest
The load backrest is a steel frame-like structure that is mounted to the back of the carriage. This component helps to keep loads stable during transport by having them rest against it. It also protects the operator from potentially dropping materials backward onto the cab.

The carriage is the component that the forks, load backrest, and other attachments mount to. It is attached to the mast, raising and lowering with it.

Tires are a crucial component for every forklift. Some units have 4 tires, while small models may have 3. Tires are available in multiple styles ranging from cushion and pneumatic to foam-filled and rough-terrain. The type of tires on a forklift greatly affects the overall capabilities and suitable work environment of the machine.

Tilt Cylinders
These hydraulic cylinders are mounted to the mast and allow the operator to tilt the backrest backward or forward. This is ideal for securing difficult loads or safely unloading sensitive materials.

Power Source
Forklifts are powered by a variety of different “fuels” ranging from diesel and LPG to fully-electric battery power. Each of these power sources offer different benefits and drawbacks.