Jungheinrich reach trucks working in a warehouse

Reach Trucks

At Leavitt Machinery, we understand that space can be extremely limited in some warehouses and production facilities. That’s why we’re proud to offer a wide selection of reach trucks. With brands such as Hyundai, Jungheinrich, and Aisle Master, you can be confident that you’re getting a quality reach truck that will deliver reliable performance for years to come. Whether you’re looking for a compact electric model, articulating forklift, or very narrow aisle option, we’ve got you covered.

Leavitt Machinery is a leading provider of material handling equipment, replacement parts, service solutions, and operator training courses. This allows us to support every aspect of your operation with quality solutions. Whether you need a reach truck, parts, service, or training, we have you covered. We can perform an in-depth on-site assessment to determine the perfect solution for your needs, timeline, and budget. This ensures that you’re getting equipment that optimizes productivity, safety, and overall value. With more than 20 locations throughout North America, we support local and remote operations with the same quality solutions.

Worker using a BRJ-9 reach truck working in a warehouse

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Benefits of Our Reach Trucks

Reliable Quality
Whether you’re looking for a reach truck, stand-up forklift, or very narrow aisle (VNA) forklift, we’ll provide the performance you need regardless of your operating space. With lift capacities up to 6,600 lbs and lift heights up to 39’, you can lift heavy loads to high shelves even if you’re in a confined space. Many reach truck forklifts also feature ergonomic controls, responsive handling, and extended run times, boosting productivity while reducing downtime.

Solutions for All Spaces
Our new reach truck lineup features a variety of stand-up, compact, and VNA options. This ensures that we can provide solutions for tight corners, narrow aisles, and high shelves. We also offer a selection of specialized equipment such as moving mast reach trucks and articulating forklifts for particularly narrow aisles. Whether you’re transporting pallets or need to pick items from bins, we’ll help you find the perfect solution for your operation.

Operator Safety
In addition to performance, every reach truck in our lineup provides exceptional operator safety. With features such as emergency control reversal, full stop functions, and anti-rollback systems, the risk of safety incidents is greatly reduced. This ensures that your operation continues to run smoothly and safely regardless of the task and space constraints.

Common Reach Truck Questions

Reach trucks are a type of narrow-aisle forklift used in warehouses or industrial spaces with limited space. They typically feature a tall, narrow chassis and two outer legs that stabilize the load during retrieval or placement. Most reach lifts have wheels located directly below the operator, allowing for a tight turning radius. As referenced by the name, reach trucks feature forks that extend and retract horizontally. This allows operators to place/retrieve pallets without being right beside the shelf. Though reach trucks tend to have lower lift capacities than conventional forklifts, they offer lift heights up to 45’. As a result, facilities can utilize higher vertical shelves and place them closer together, maximizing storage space.

Reach trucks, stand-up forklifts, and narrow-aisle forklifts are commonly used in facilities with narrow aisles and limited space. Suitable applications include warehousing, industrial manufacturing, cold storage, distribution, and food processing. A reach forklift is typically used in spaces where a conventional forklift won’t fit. This is due to their compact design and tighter turning radius. If an operation has tall shelves that are placed close together, they likely utilize a reach truck or narrow-aisle forklift.

Though forklifts and reach trucks share many similarities, there are a few key differences to note:

  • Forklifts often have higher lift capacities and lift heights than reach trucks due to their larger chassis and counterweight.
  • Reach trucks have a much tighter turning radius than forklifts due to their wheel location and narrow chassis.
  • Most forklifts lift completely vertically (up and down). Reach trucks lift vertically and can reach a small distance horizontally (in and out).
  • Operators are typically seated in a forklift and standing while operating a reach truck.
  • Though similar in terms of operation, some jurisdictions require separate training courses for each type of equipment.

To learn more about reach trucks and to see if one is right for your operation, contact our team! We’ll work with you to assess your needs and deliver a custom equipment solution.