Mitsubishi order pickers being used in a warehouse

Order Pickers

Order pickers are commonly used in operations that require picking of individual components instead of an entire pallet. Also known as warehouse pickers and order picker forklifts, these units excel in narrow aisles and facilities with limited space. This makes them an ideal choice for warehouses, fulfillment centers, and manufacturing facilities that handle many different products or SKUs. While traditional forklifts or walkie stackers keep operators on the ground, order pickers raise the operator with the forks. This allows for precise picking of individual parts, boxes, and larger items as needed. Additional benefits of order pickers include fast travel and lift speeds, tight cornering capabilities, and enhanced visibility.

Leavitt Machinery is proud to provide complete equipment, parts, service, and training solutions for all operations. Whether you’re working in warehousing, manufacturing, forestry, or construction, we can help. As the authorized dealer for over 25 trusted manufacturers, we provide custom solutions without factory pressure. This ensures that you’re getting solutions based solely on your needs, budget, and timeline.

Worker using a Jungheinrich prder picker in a warehouse

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Hyundai order picker being used in a warehouse

Why Choose Our Warehouse Pickers?

Maximum Efficiency
Every order picker forklift in our inventory is designed to offer faster travel and lift speeds. This allows operators to pick orders in less time, optimizing productivity without compromising safety. In addition to enhanced speeds, many order pickers feature increased platform heights and weight capacities while maintaining optimal stability. As a result, operators can confidently pick multiple orders at once regardless of height.

Optimal Visibility and Safety
When it comes to picking customer orders or retrieving components for manufacturing, visibility is crucial. That’s why every warehouse picker in our lineup features leading visibility while elevated or on the ground. This not only ensures picking accuracy but also optimizes safety when travelling down aisles or turning around corners. Safety is further enhanced by intelligent assistance features, emergency stop functions, and personal protection systems. Some features may vary based on the model.

Extended Runtimes
Our electric order pickers feature efficient lithium-ion batteries or proven lead-acid batteries. Regardless of the configuration chosen, you can be sure that you’re getting long run times that can match the demands of any schedule. With some order pickers offering up to two shifts on one charge, you’re able to work extended hours without worry. Many models also feature faster charging speeds than conventional order pickers, reducing downtime and maximizing time on the job.

Suitable Industries for Order Pickers

Most warehouses are faced with fast-paced schedules, limited space, and thousands of unique SKUs. To meet the demands of these challenges, operations are moving toward a combination of order pickers and walkie stackers instead of forklifts. While stackers and forklifts are effective for handling pallets, they lack the ability to pick individual items. Order pickers place operators next to elevated pallets, allowing for accurate picking of individual items and boxes. This makes them a great fit for fulfillment centers or distribution facilities that handle thousands of unique items per day.

With options for low-level and medium to high-level picking, there’s an electric order picker for every type of warehouse. Some models also offer up to 2,500 lbs of lift capacity, allowing operators to confidently pick multiple orders at once. This maximizes efficiency without compromising accuracy or safety. Discover the advantages of an order picker today!

Industrial manufacturing facilities and assembly plants often house hundreds to thousands of unique components for their products. These can range from seals and fuses to frames and engine parts. While a conventional forklift or walkie stacker can retrieve pallets of these individual goods, they aren’t the most efficient choice. An order picker allows for retrieval of individual parts from a pallet while it is still on the shelf/racking. This eliminates the need to bring an entire pallet down to the ground, remove an item or two, and then lift it back up to the shelf. As a result, the assembly line can receive the parts they need in less time, keeping the operation running smoothly.