Forklifts for Sale in Kitchener, Ontario

Lift Depot is now a proud member of the Leavitt Machinery family! With 4 locations throughout southern Ontario, we provide offer hundreds of forklifts for sale in Kitchener and all surrounding areas. As part of one of the fastest-growing material handling equipment dealers in North America, we have exceptional buying power. As a result, we’re able to offer thousands of parts and hundreds of units for every budget. Whether you’re looking for an electric forklift for sale, a replacement steer axle, or a forklift rental, we can help.

Our Kitchener sales team works hard to thoroughly understand your equipment needs, budget, and site challenges. This allows us to provide the best possible solution, optimizing efficiency, value, and safety. Our multi-brand, customer-focused approach ensures that you’re getting a tailored and unbiased solution every time.

Whether you need a narrow-aisle forklift, an electric pallet jack, or a versatile pneumatic forklift, we can help. Our forklifts for sale in Kitchener, Ontario are ideal for industries including manufacturing, cold storage, warehousing, and food processing. In addition to new lift trucks, we offer used equipment, rentals, parts support, service solutions, and equipment training. Contact our equipment experts today to learn more about our equipment and services!

Industrial Forklifts for Sale in Kitchener

Distribution centers for food production, storage, and manufacturing are the most common applications in Kitchener that would require a forklift of sorts to move product safely and efficiently. That’s why we offer an extensive selection of industrial forklifts that can meet the demands of any operation. These forklifts are ideal for transporting palletized goods, heavy materials, and uniquely-shaped components.

We offer cushion, pneumatic, and electric forklifts for sale from a variety of industry-leading brands. Whether you need a 5,000 lb capacity model, a VNA articulating unit, or a 20,000 lb capacity unit, we’ve got you covered. Our team will work with you to determine the optimal unit for your needs, budget, and operating environment.

Not sure which lift truck is the best choice for your needs? No problem. We’ve compiled a list below that gives information on the major types of forklifts used in industrial applications.

Narrow-Aisle Forklifts

Narrow aisle forklifts working in a warehouse at Kitchener Ontario

Stand-Up/Stand-On Forklifts
These forklifts are ideal for narrow aisles and applications that require the operator to frequently hop on and off. Stand-up forklifts have a small chassis and a cab at the back of the unit. This allows for exceptional visibility and ideal performance in tight spaces.

Order Pickers
Specialized units that excel in warehousing operations. Their compact design, full visibility, and exceptional maneuverability allow them to handle narrow aisles and tight corners with ease. Operators travel up and down on platform behind the forks to pick a pallet from the shelf. This makes it easy for operators to hop on and off the unit as needed throughout the day.

Reach Trucks
Though similar to order pickers, reach trucks feature an extending mast. This allows the operator to extend and retract the forks to “reach” a pallet. As a result, operators can reposition their forks without needing to move the entire machine, saving time, and increasing efficiency.

Articulated/VNA Forklifts
These lift trucks possess the unique ability to swivel/rotate their front end. This allows operators to pull a pallet from a shelf while parallel to the racking. By using a VNA (very narrow aisle) forklift, facilities can reduce the space between their shelves, allowing them to store more products.

Not sure which narrow-aisle forklift is right for your needs? Contact our team today for more information on our industrial forklifts for sale in Kitchener! We’ll work with you to provide the perfect solution for your needs.


Hyundai forklifts working in a warehouse at Kitchener Ontario

Electric forklifts are quiet and produce no emissions. This makes them ideal for indoor usage and operations with many personnel in the same space. Though they tend to have a higher initial cost, their cost savings over time more than make up for it. This is due to the drastically reduced maintenance requirements and the total lack of fuel costs. Due to having fewer moving parts than traditional internal combustion models, electric forklifts have fewer parts than can break down. Contact our team today to see if an electric forklift is the right fit for your operation!

Internal Combustion
Internal combustion (IC) forklifts are the most common type of unit on the current market. They typically offer higher capacities than electric lift trucks and can be used indoors or outside without any worries. This makes them a versatile choice that can fit any type of operation. Some IC forklifts can also refuel on the fly, allowing them to be used for multiple shifts in a row.

Cushion Tire
Cushion tire lift trucks are ideal for indoor usage. These units are equipped with hard, non-marking wheels that work best on smooth and even surfaces. Cushion tires contain more rubber, resulting in a smoother ride for the operator. If you’re working entirely indoors, a cushion tire forklift may be the perfect choice.

Pneumatic Tire
These lift trucks use tires that are similar to those used on cars and trucks. By utilizing air or foam-filled tires, these forklifts can be used on a variety of surfaces without issue. Whether you’re operating on gravel, smooth concrete, or dirt, a pneumatic tire forklift can get the job done.

With hundreds of models of forklifts for sale in Kitchener, it can be difficult to find the right unit. That’s why we provide in-depth onsite assessments for all operations. This allows us to assess your needs and site-specific challenges. We then use this information to provide a tailored equipment recommendation. Contact our team today to learn more!

Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks working in a warehouse at Kitchener Ontario

Pallet Jacks
Available in manual and electric configurations, pallet jacks are ideal for operations that move many pallets every day. These units relieve operator strain, allowing for easy transportation of palletized goods in any facility. It is important to note that pallet jacks are used only for transporting pallets from one place to another. If you are stacking pallets, a walkie stacker or forklift is the right choice for you.

Walkie Stackers
These units are a larger and more powerful version of a pallet jack. In addition to higher capacities, they can lift pallets and place them on shelves. This makes them ideal for facilities that don’t have room for a full-sized forklift. Walkie stackers are available in walk-behind and ride-on configurations based on your needs. Reach out to our equipment experts today to see which option is right for you.

Forklift Attachments for Sale

Forklift with a rotator attachment

In addition to standard pallet forks, some industrial facilities in Kitchener require unique attachments to handle specialized goods. That’s why Leavitt Machinery offers a wide range of attachments including rotators, clamps, and sideshifters. See below for a description of each type of forklift attachment we have for sale.

This hydraulic attachment allows the operator to move their forks from side to side. They allow operators to make small adjustments to the position of their load without moving the entire unit. Sideshifters are ideal for narrow aisles and facilities with limited space for maneuvering.

Fork Positioner
Similar to sideshifters, fork positioners are a hydraulic attachment that allows the user to move their forks in and out. Some fork positioners allow you to move one fork at a time, while others move both at once. Both options are ideal for tight spaces as they allow for micro-adjustments without moving the entire forklift.

As their name implies, rotators allow operators to rotate the backrest of the forklift. This is ideal for dumping bins.

Roll/Barrell Clamp
Clamps are used to safely handle round or long materials. Examples of these materials include paper rolls, barrels, and metal rings. Clamps have a built-in rotator, allowing operators to position each load for safe transportation and unloading.

Pole Attachment
This attachment consists of a long metal pole that extends out from the forklift. They are typically used to handle rolled materials by inserting the pole into the middle of the roll. This allows for safe and effective transportation of materials that cannot be handled by conventional forks.

Leavitt Machinery offers an extensive selection of forklift attachments for sale! We support most leading makes and models. Contact our team today to learn more about our current stock.

Major Lift Truck Components

Forklift mast on the ground in Kitchener Ontario

The following is a list of each major forklift component. It’s important to understand the components of your forklift and how they function to ensure safe operation.

Also known as the chassis, this structure is typically built of steel or another heavy durable metal. All major components mount to the frame. This includes the axles, wheels, counterweight, and mast.

A mass of metal that is attached to the back end of the forklift. It counteracts the weight of the load on the forks, keeping the forklift stable.

Power Source
The “fuel” of the forklift. This can be a lithium battery, an LPG tank, or diesel. Gasoline is another power source, though it isn’t as common as the others.

Tilt Cylinders
These are hydraulic cylinders that are mounted to the mast. Tilt cylinders allow the operator to tilt the backrest backward or forward. This is useful for securing loads for travel and safely unloading materials.

This is the space in which the operator is located. Cabs can be open or fully enclosed and have options for heating/air conditioning. They are also covered by FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) or ROPS (Roll Over Protection Structure). These keep the operator safe in the event of dropped loads or tip-overs.

Driven by hydraulic cylinders, the mast is responsible for raising and lowering a load. Some masts are single-stage, while others are two or three-stage. This means that they have 2 or 3 sections, allowing them to be raised higher.

This is the base that the forks or other attachments mount to. The carriage itself is mounted to the mast and raises/lowers with it.

Load Backrest
A steel frame mounted to the carriage to prevent loads from falling backward onto the cab. As the name implies, loads rest against this crucial component.

Tires have a large effect on traversal and lift capacity. Cushion tire lift trucks tend to only be suited for low-mid capacity indoor usage. Pneumatic tire forklifts are good for indoor and outdoor usage and have mid-high capacities. Pneumatic tires can also be filled with foam to further increase durability and lift capacity.

About Kitchener, Ontario

Kitchener is located in the Southern region of Ontario as part of the Waterloo region. It was once known as the city of Berlin, but it was renamed to Kitchener in 1916. This renaming was largely due to the number of German residents within the city and their role in the city’s history. Their influence continues to be felt today, as made evident by the Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest.

Kitchener sits in between Cambridge and Waterloo, with the three cities composing one of the largest census metropolitan areas in Canada. These three cities are often referred to as the “Tri-Cities” and are part of the Waterloo County.

The main industries of Kitchener are industrial. These include automotive manufacturing, food processing, warehousing, and other operations with a set location. Automotive manufacturing and pharmaceutical education are two of the largest contributors to Kitchener’s economy.

Leavitt Machinery provides complete equipment solutions for all facilities in Kitchener, Elmira, Cambridge, Ayr, Guelph, Paris, Fergus, Travistock, Milverton, Brandtford, Stratford, Woodstock, Arthur, Acton & Listowel in the counties of Waterloo and Wellington. Whether you’re searching for forklifts for sale, used equipment, forklift rentals, parts, service, or forklift training, we can help! Our team will work with you to provide the perfect solution for your specific needs, budget, and timeline.