Worker practicing fall protection safety on a worksite

Energy Safety Canada (ESC) Fall Protection

Please note: As of October 31st, 2019, this Energy Safety Canada (ESC) training course has replaced the OSSA-Approved fall protection course.

This ESC fall protection certification course was designed to meet the fall safety standards of industrial and commercial sites. The content within this course instructs operators in the security concepts of fall protection and how they relate to real work environments. For information on this fall protection certification course or our other training options, contact our team today.

Fall Protection Certification Objectives

This program includes the theory, tools, and knowledge of fall protection to work safely at any height, on any site. Content within this ESC fall protection course consists of video analysis, teacher presentations, and student discussion. The objectives of this course are:

  • To comprehend fall protection fundamentals and regulations.
  • To understand methods of eliminating fall-related hazards.
  • To identify the components of personal travel restraints and fall arrest systems.
  • To understand equipment specifications and limitations.
  • To learn about inspections and equipment care.
  • To understand the proper methods of planning for and controlling fall hazards.
  • To be prepared for emergencies and understand the need of rescue planning.

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Worker doing fall protection training at a worksite

Fall Protection Certification Structure and Testing

This ESC fall protection course includes theoretical and practical content. Participants are tested on the following topics:

  • Fall accident statistics.
  • Dynamics of falling.
  • Fall protection planning.
  • Clearance and free-fall calculations.
  • Anchor points.
  • Connectors.
  • Equipment inspections and care.
  • Principles of emergency rescue.
  • Governing bodies and regulations.
  • Fall protection systems.
  • Fall arrest system components.
  • Harness fitting.
  • Suspension trauma.

ESC Fall Protection Course Duration

This course can be completed in one day or less. Completion times vary based on class size and other conditions. For information on this fall protection certification course or our other training options, contact our team today.

LNG-Approved Training Option

Leavitt Machinery is proud to offer site-approved training for the LNG pipeline project. As an approved JFJV training vendor, we offer several equipment training and safety courses that adhere to LNG project standards. This fall restraint training program is approved by Energy Safety Canada. Please note that only this fall protection program is LNG-approved. Our online and blended options may not meet the specific requirements of the LNG project. For more information, contact one of our training locations!

The LNG project seeks to create Canada’s first LNG (liquid natural gas) processing and exportation facility. With an estimated 4,500-7,000 employees, the LNG pipeline is the largest private-infrastructure project in Canadian history. The project is currently underway and has an estimated completion date of 2025.